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Today I have two great companies to share with you.  Both companies have something in common…Learning & Kids.  First I want to share with you a company called Kidzmet.  Kidzmet understands that all kids learn at different stages and in different ways.

When you first visit the Kidzmet site, you can register (it’s free!) and either help your child take a profile quiz if they’re too young or your older child can take the quiz themselves.  It’s really simple & straightforward.  For example, we took the profile for my 9 year old daughter, Ashlyn.  The main question asks “How do the following statements or activities make Ashlyn feel?” and then lists things like “Mimicking rhythms (For instance, pat-clap-pat-pat-clap-snap)” or “Having things well organized or organizing them”.  Then you chose (or your child chooses) how that makes them feel when it’s happening or when they do it.  They choose from 2 thumbs up, 1 thumb up, 1 thumb sideways, 1 thumb down, 2 thumbs down or N/A.  The whole profile only takes about 15-120 minutes.  After it’s all done, we were sent an email with the Kindle ebook we ordered ($9.99) of Ashlyn’s results.

Ashlyn’s ebook shows us different ways she likes to learn, ways we can help her and encourage her. Through this ebook, I really learned that the way she learns and the way I learn are VERY different, which is probably why we butt heads so badly when doing homework!  I learned that even though I personally would love Ashlyn to come home, do her homework right away & be done, she isn’t like that and needs a few minutes to unwind.  I always knew she was very artistic but what I learned from her profile was that when she comes & shows me her artwork, if I don’t give her positive feedback very clearly, she takes that as me not liking it.  So now, when she shows me her art, I make sure to comment on something like the beautiful colors or engage her in a question about her art so that she fully knows that I care!

For Ryan, my 4 year old son, we ordered the Playbook Kit ($19.99), which includes a printed book (as opposed to the ebook), info about his own personality type, a CD of Printable Templates for homework and studying & a book on 101 Learning Activities. Ryan took a profile quiz too, just a simpler one with happy faces to sad faces.

What I like about both of these options is that you can email a snapshot of your child’s profile to their teacher so they can see how your child learns, as well.  You can visit Kidzmet on their website, Facebook, Twitter and you can view a 15 page sample of one of the playbooks to get a better idea of what they look like.

The second company that I want to share with you is called KleenSlate. KleenSlate makes these great 2-sided, dry erase paddles that make learning a lot of fun. I really wish I would have known about these when we were homeschooling!  Each paddle is hand-held with 2 sides and has a place where you can snap a dry erase marker right in place.  I think these would be fantastic in a classroom, as a teacher is teaching, asking a question and every student could write their own answer on the paddle, to show the teacher that they really do understand what is being taught.


My favorite part of the KleenSlates is that you can get different replacement sheets for the paddles. There are blank sheets, blank or gray scale graph, Venn diagram, handwriting rule, music staff.  My 4 year old loves using them to practice writing his letters and my 9 year old used them to help her write down all 50 states & capitals for a test.  Their markers are also really great with an eraser cap.  They are non-toxic and the points don’t push in, making them kid-friendly.  You can visit KleenSlate on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

One lucky reader will win both a Kidzmet Playbook Kit & a 2-Pack of rectangular KleenSlate paddles & a 10-Pack of color markers!  Enter below on the Rafflecopter!

Winner: Shirley G.
By: Tara Kramarsky


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