Kid’s Wireless Headphones from Puro Sound

All 3 of my kids love listening to music, wearing headphones when they play video games or even when they watch TV. But, I do worry about their hearing and want to make sure they aren’t listening to things too loudly. I was thrilled when I was asked to check out Puro Kids headphones from Puro Sound. While there are so many headphones out there, I said yes to trying them out because Puro Sound says that they “deliver studio-grade sound and protect our children’s hearing without compromising their listening experience.” That’s pretty huge when you’re raising a bunch of kids that love technology!

Kid's Wireless Headphones from Puro Sound

When we visit received the headphones, I tried them on to see how comfortable they were. I have what I lovingly refer to as a Mr. Potato Head so of course kid’s headphones are too tight for me (Let’s be real, most adult headphones have a hard time fitting on my giant cranium). But even so, I could tell that they were very comfortable. The big test came when my 6 year old son tried them on. He is very sensitive to things touching him and I knew that if they weren’t comfy, he would tell me right away and never wear them again. I can honestly say that this kid wears them A LOT and loves them! They fit nicely on his head, I can tell the sound isn’t too loud when he’s watching his Minecraft YouTube videos and the sound quality is great! Plus, with an 18 Hour battery life, he can use them a lot before they need to be recharged!

Kid's Wireless Headphones from Puro Sound

The Puro Sound Headphones won’t go louder than 85 dBA, which is the max level recommended by audiologists, so you know your kid’s ears are safe. The ear cushions are not only comfortable but they also block out 82% of sound.

One issue that we ALWAYS seem to have with other headphones is that they break all the time. I won’t even go into how much money we’ve spent on headphones and earbuds in the last year! The Puro Sound headphones are made with aircraft-grade aluminum, making them stronger & lighter than headphones that are made from plastic.

Kid's Wireless Headphones from Puro Sound

One of my favorite features is that you can connect the headphones using Bluetooth. Your child can wear them up to 30 feet from their device and still be able to hear their music. They don’t have to be used wirelessly though, as they come with a cord that can be used with devices that don’t use Bluetooth but can also be taken off the headphones at any time.

Kid's Wireless Headphones from Puro Sound

Kid's Wireless Headphones from Puro Sound

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