5 Tips for Kids Room Organization

Kids room organization can be the bane of our existence as parents. Furniture will be scratched. Walls will be marked. Messes will probably abound. This doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye until they move out. With a little regular maintenance, you won’t need to give it a second thought!

Kids will be kids, and this usually means their rooms won’t look like Pottery Barn ads. Nonetheless, there are some easy ways to help keep your kid’s room organized:

Make sure you can see the floor

At the end of every day, you should be able to walk a clear path through your little one’s room. Whether for trips to the bathroom or the ability to get out in the event of a fire, kids should always go to bed with a generally clean room.

In short, you should be able to run a vacuum in there without issue. This task is easily achieved with the next few suggestions.

Always be sorting & donating

Kids accumulate a ton of stuff. You can keep a lid on this by regularly going through their clothes and toys, and getting rid of items they’ve outgrown. Whether you store them away for the next child, sell them or donate them, the point is to get items that are no longer necessary out of the mix, which means less for them (and you) to clean (and fight over).

Keep like items together

When it comes to kids room organization, books, blocks, balls, stuffed animals, art supplies and electronics should not all be thrown into a toy box together.

Here are a few ways to keep like items together:

  • Books should go on a shelf, whether hung on the wall or in a bookcase.
  • Try to keep outdoor toys outdoors, or in the garage.
  • Consider keeping art supplies or other items that require supervision, high up in a closet where he or she can’t reach them on his/her own.
  • If your child is still in the board book phase, they can go in a bin or basket.

Remember that you don’t need to separate every little thing!

Utilize bins

The easiest way to organize a small child’s belongings in with bins and baskets. Whether you’re dealing with diapers, socks, and nursery items or they’ve graduated to toys and games, the simplest way to stay organized is by tossing them all in a bin and calling it a day.

Keep an eye out for attractive clearance containers at craft stores. Small baskets are great for girls’ hair accessories, while large baskets easily mask bigger playsets.

Bins serve a dual purpose since they can easily transport toys from one room to the next, so if you tend to have a mess in the living room by the end of the day, simply load it all into the basket and bring it back to Junior’s room.

Cloth bins (like a thicker version of a hamper) are great because not only do they look chic, but they’re generally sturdy and don’t “shed” like wicker-type baskets.

Designate a homework and/or art space

As your child ages, he or she should have a designated workspace not only to reign in paperwork and art messes, but also to avoid misplacing their school work.

Set them up for success and mirror the “stations” they’ll encounter at school by giving them a separate space to study and create.

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