Kid Review – MiiTopia for the Nintendo 3DS

Video games are always a big topic in our house. My kid’s always seem to be talking about the best newly released games, what game they are currently playing or what game they can’t wait to get their hands on. We’re very happy to partner with Nintendo to bring you reviews on some of their amazing new games. While I could sit and write a review, we feel it’s more important coming from someone that plays these type of games a lot and loves them. Ryan, my 9-year-old son, fits this description perfectly! So here is his review on Miitopia from Nintendo.

Kid Review - Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS

Kid Review - Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS

Hello, I am Ryan. Today I will be reviewing Miitopia. So, let’s just get straight into it!

Personally, I love this game. The graphics are AMAZING! I know I said something similar in my Ever Oasis review, but they are! And the gameplay, WOO-E! Is it great? Yes, yes it is! It combines puzzles with an RPG game and has a world map like Super Mario Bros 3 to New Super Mario Bros U.

Kid Review - Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS

Kid Review - Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS

The funny things that happen make it feel like I am playing Tomodachi Life (Friend Life in English)! You can feed your Mii’s food and they can Love it, Like it, Normal it, Dislike it, or Hate it. Food will also give you EXP (Experience Points) on certain things, including HP (Health Points) or MP (Magic Points).

Plus the Jobs. You start with Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Pop Star, and Chef, then you get 3 more, and then another 3. Here is a whole list:

Warrior: Standard sword fighter
Mage: Standard magic guy/girl
Cleric: Standard healer
Thief: cool person which has a dagger
Pop Star Male/Female: whacks people with a microphone
Chef: if you like food, choose this guy
Cat: cute as anything, and scratches people
Imp: uses pitchforks, mean
Scientist: smart, uses potions
Tanks: high damage, uses MP to attack
Princess: uses a fan to attack
Flower: uses a leaf to attack and has a cool costume

Say you chose Chef, you would get a frying pan to attack with. Or Cleric would have a wooden staff to attack with. Warrior to sword, Mage to another staff, Thief to dagger, and so on.

Kid Review - Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS

Kid Review - Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS

Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Controls: 5/5
Total: 5/5 Amazing!!

Well, that almost concludes my review, besides Magic, which basically just means you can cast Magic attacks, which I am not getting into for the life of me. But anyways, this is Ryan, goodbye.

You can find Miitopia on Amazon (and check out Ever Oasis too!)

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