Keeping Kids Safe with Kajeet, Smart Phones for Kids

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Back in the olden (aka the 80’s and 90’s when I was growing up), we didn’t have cell phones, social media or technology to worry about. Sure, there is a lot of positive about these things but as a parent of a tween & a teen, there is also a LOT that is scary about it as well.

My husband and I are very selective about who gets a cell phone (our teen & tween share because they are homeschooled and take it when they go to friend’s houses or church events) but we also watch the phone & their other Android devices and have an open policy that we can AND will check the devices, the text messages & browser history often.


I found out about a wireless service provider called Kajeet that understands how important keeping our kids safe is to all of us. The company was started by three dads, who wanted to figure out how technology, kids & parents work together best. Since they are dads themselves, they were able to think of their own kids and designed a service that would give them the technology they wanted so badly but also give them everything they needed to be safe as well.

Kajeet (an anagram of the first letters of the names of the founder’s children) has affordable monthly plans that start at just $4.99/mo with no activation fees, terminations fees, no long-term commitment and no hassles if you need to change plans (change it whenever you want to, with zero penalty). I’ve seen other plans that are very limited with the phones that they offer & let’s be real, kids want to have the latest and greatest, just like their friends. With Kajeet, parents can purchase a popular Android™ smartphone (including the Samsung Galaxy S III 4GLTE or the LG Viper 4GLTE) or a more basic, “starter” phone (like the Kyocera Domino). You can also Bring Your Own Sprint® Device to Kajeet, provided you have an eligible and inactive device. (You can check on the Kajeet website to see if your phone is eligible)

What I love is parents have free, unlimited access to parental controls that are all manageable from a computer. This allows parents to set time limits for bedtime, block unwanted calls (but make sure that mom & dad can always get through) and even manage what websites they can can get to. You’ll even be able to decide who can pay for certain services, like games or ringtones.

Not only that, but something both my husband and I love is that if you ever want to locate your child (or if their phone gets lost or stolen), you’ll be able to use GPS tracking to find them (included in service plans starting at $24.99/month or locates can be run on demand, whenever you need it, for $0.99 each). How’s that for safety? All Kajeet phones are enabled with the GPS Phone Locator right out of the box and will allow you to find them or their phone anytime. You can also set a schedule for recurring locates. If you want to know that you child is arriving at soccer practice every Wednesday at 3:30, you can do that through your parental controls. Knowing that you can locate your child and their phone, in real time, is such a relief!

My son is 15 and on Friday nights, he goes out with friends for dinner, a small bible study & usually back to someone’s house to play games or watch a movie. I like being able to know where he is and know that he’s safe. Luckily, he’s always been a reliable, trustworthy kid but as a parent, I still want to know that he’s where he says he is and doing what he says he is doing. While I want to give my kids the freedom to have fun and be with their friends, I also know that my job as a parent is to keep them safe and that’s what Kajeet is all about.


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