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How to Make Summer Educational and FUN!

Summer’s here, and so is the brain drain! Turn off that television, and get outside to have some fun – but don’t forget to learn something in the process! These tips will help make summer educational and fun.
How to Make Summer Educational and FUN!

Use every day as a learning experience. Whether you’re heading to the zoo or the movies, there’s always an educational experience available! I like to ask the kids if they know how many miles it is to our destination. That can open up a door to gas mileage, gas prices, etc which will reinforce math techniques while discussing real-life skills that they’ll need when they’re older.

Visit the library, often. Even though this one is obviously educational (instead of just sneaking it in there), kids need to learn to LOVE the library! From story time to audio books, the library is filled with experiences that no child should miss out on. Most libraries have summer programs, too!

Cook together. Summer is the perfect time to teach kids about grocery shopping (and the price of groceries!), meal planning, making recipes, and following through with them. Not only are these skills needed in life, they’re going to be using math (and possibly science), too.

Use games that double as learning time. Fun games like Squirt Gun Volcanoes, DIY Lego HangmanGeoDice: Educational Geography Board Game and Multiplication Ring Toss are all games that seem like they’re just fun — but really, they’re teaching your child several skills at once!

Talk about historic landmarks. When you drive around, point out everything historic that you can find. Older kids can go home and look up information on the internet to follow-up on your brief in-the-car history lessons.

Unplug. It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting kids play on their electronics for hours at a time. It keeps them out of your hair, keeps them quiet, and hey… they’re educational apps, right? But at the same time, it’s a total brain drain! Keep them entertained by staying active with them!

How do you keep kids active while learning during the summer?

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