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Homeschooling with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & Amazon

The number of homeschooling families is steadily on the rise and it’s no surprise with the vast amount of technology we have at our fingertips! Homeschooling is a great option for many families, and because of all of the technology we have, it’s becoming much easier to make it a reality. Amazing resources like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and educational websites are all a huge help for those who choose to homeschool. Additionally, there are quite a few FREE resources, making it that much more enticing for those considering homeschooling as an option. No longer is a lack of funds a reason for not being able to educate our children from home, which is awesome!

Homeschooling with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & Amazon

Netflix is widely popular as an entertainment tool, but it has incredible resources for the educational side of things as well! There is a myriad of history movies that are engaging and exciting for children to watch and learn about history, and it doesn’t stop there. There are hundreds of documentaries ranging from history, to science and math! This is a great tool to use in the classroom at home and you won’t be disappointed in all your kids will learn! Most of the Netflix educational videos can be watched with Instant Streaming, but some of the titles may require you to have the DVD sent to you.

Below is a list of some of the best educational resources and their categories on Netflix to start with!

Magic School Bus (for the younger kids, tons of episodes!)
How The Universe Works
Jeff Corwin Experience
Meerkat Manor

Gettysburg: The Movie
Paper Clips
Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam
Remember The Titans
Note: These tend to have deeper, more serious themes. It’s best to check the ratings on these and pre-screen to make sure you feel they’re appropriate to share.

Hulu is a great place to find shows that are fun and educational.  There are so many shows that we watch and sometimes my kids don’t even realize they are learning while watching something fun! Some of our favorites are:

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman
Wild Kratts

If you have Amazon Prime, it’s also an amazing resource for instant educational videos. Simply visit Amazon’s Instant Video Finder and search by topic/genre. Hulu is similar to Netflix in the way of how it works, and offers additional educational shows and movies. It costs nearly the same and can be viewed on basically anything that can also stream Netflix! Like Hulu, there is a section specific to kids and it offers shows like “Super Why”, an educational cartoon, and other shows that can be very helpful in the classroom!


Additionally, YouTube is a great resource for educational videos for homeschooling and YouTube is one of those free resources aforementioned! There are many ways to find videos that can be useful in the classroom, including a quick topic search with the word “homeschooling”. Not only can you find educational videos (Meerkat Manor is also on YouTube!), but you can find educational resources as well, including videos that help you learn HOW to homeschool efficiently! Some of the videos you can find on YouTube include:

Educational Videos:

Meerkat Manor Episodes
Pearl Harbor – The Untold Story (History Channel Documentary)

Educational Resources:

Five Flavors of Homeschooling
Creating a Year Long Homeschool Calendar

Over at Kids Activity Blog, they’ve put together a list of 10 Educational Youtube Channels For Kids

Lastly, in addition to all of these great resources, there are several websites that can help with homeschooling. Some of them are free, some have a monthly membership, and some have a one-time fee to be able to access them. They can be extremely beneficial in the classroom just like the others.

As with any of these, you’ll want to use them as an additional tool to help enhance your homeschool classroom experience. Here are some of the best educational websites we love to use:

App Store Apps (providing free educational apps)
Khan Academy

Overall, homeschooling is much easier to do in the modern age with all of this technology, and if you’re considering homeschooling, these resources should help you quite a bit! If you homeschool, what are your favorite homeschooling resources on the web?

Facebook Groups:

There are many Facebook groups that are just for HSing with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu & more. Not only do other parents post great suggestions for educational & fun things to watch and teach with, you can also ask for suggestions if you’re thinking about teaching a certain subject.

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