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Helping Your Kids to Love Reading

We’re big readers here and I love that my husband and I have passed our love of reading on to our kids. It wasn’t always easy, there were definitely times where they wanted to watch TV over reading or felt like reading wasn’t important, but as parents, we know how important and fun reading is, so we’re always glad to see them sitting there with a book or their Kindle and reading. (Here are some tips & tricks to get your kids to love reading.)

I will admit that I was reluctant to first let my kids (and myself) have a Kindle to read with. I love holding a book, turning the pages and being able to go to the library to check out books or head to the bookstore and browse all the new books. While I still do all of those things, having a Kindle has definitely made it easier to read more books and to get my kids more interested in reading. It’s easy to drop my Kindle into my purse or into my son’s backpack for a car ride and be on our way. There’s no lugging books around anymore with our Kindles.

Helping Your Kids to Love Reading

March is National Reading Month and now is a great time to get your kids reading! Like I said, one of my favorite ways to get my kids to read is with their Kindles. With a Kindle, all of their favorite books are right at their fingertips and easy to access. The Kindle is just $79 and is a perfect gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation and so much more!

Helping Your Kids to Love Reading
Helping Your Kids to Love Reading

I’m really excited about Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. With it, your child can have unlimited access to 1000’s of books, movies, games, and apps that are just right for their age. FreeTime Unlimited is great for kids ages 3-10 and what I love is there are no ads & no in-apps purchases. Starting at just $2.99/mo, you can have your child read all sorts of fun chapter books, early readers, educational books, books with their favorite characters and so much more. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is available on Fire Tablet (for books, videos, apps), Fire TV (videos) and Kindle eReaders (books). Don’t worry that there won’t be exciting and fun books either. Favorites like the Harry Potter series, The Borrowers, Big Nate and Friends and so many more are included in the FreeTime Unlimited service.

Helping Your Kids to Love Reading

There are different categories, so if your child is interested in nature, you can click on the nature book and have the choice of many different nature books. Other categories include Marvel, Disney, Nickelodeon, Adventure, History, Planets and so many more.

Since we homeschool, we’ve found lots of ways to use FreeTime Unlimited in learning, too. Plus, with the Kindle, you are able to look up the definitions of words that your child doesn’t know, use the Vocabulary Builder (let’s you store the words that your child looks up and then lets them quiz themselves with flashcards) and Word Wise (provides short and easy definitions above harder words as your child is reading).

How do you get your child interested in reading?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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