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Happy Owls Pre-K Fun Pack – Homeschool for Free Series

Do you homeschool or have you thought about homeschooling your kids? It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! There are so many ways that you can homeschool for free (or at least inexpensively!)

Homeschool for Free Series – January

I’ve been homeschooling my three kids on & off for 13 years. We started when my oldest son (who just graduated high school) was in Kindergarten. Starting out, he went to a public school and had a lot of trouble due to his asthma. Every time he would get a cold, it would go straight to his chest and he would inevitably miss 1-2 weeks of school. No matter what kind of preventive measures we tried or what kind of steroids or antibiotics we used, it kept happening over & over.

I made the decision to homeschool him because I wanted him to have an education and not miss out on so many of the things that they were teaching at school. He’s tried going back to public school since then but he always preferred doing his schoolwork here at home. We’ve used just about every kind of charter school (online and traditional) that we could and finally he finished high school with classes online.

It’s been the same story with my other two kids (now in 9th grade & 3rd grade). They have both been to public schools (and a part-time charter school that we unfortunately moved away from) but are both homeschooled now. I’ve learned through this process that there are SO many ways of homeschooling, of learning and of teaching. No one way is the right way…just the right way for you and your family!

When Jared (my oldest) was first being homeschooled, the internet wasn’t full of information like it is today. Today, when I go to Pinterest and see so many FREE and exciting resources that people can now use to homeschool (or even supplement other schools), it makes me so happy. While I know that homeschooling isn’t for everyone, I am so glad that there are people out there that I can turn to for help and guidance.

Each month in 2017, I will be releasing a new FREE Pre-K Fun Pack. Each one will have a different theme & possibly even have different types of activities to do but all of them will be fun and educational, all at the same time!

Click on the picture below to be taken to the full PDF that you can print out and use with your child. Come back next month to see what theme I’ll have for February!

Happy Owls PreK Fun Pack

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