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DIY Reading Nook For Kids

Please welcome my friend, Dinah from DIY Inspired as she shares how she created a fantastic Reading Nook for her daughter!

DIY Reading Nook For Kids

Thank you, Tara for having me guest post today at A Spectacled Owl! I’m really excited to be here! I want to share this reading nook I made for my daughter for her room. I love this reading nook idea because it takes little space, and adds charm and character while encouraging good reading habits to our little ones.

DIY Reading Nook For Kids

I stumbled upon some photo ledges that I thought would fit perfectly for this project. I also found a fun cherry blossom decal and added it to the plain walls along with two photo ledges at a height that would make it easy for my toddler to reach. I hung them off set from one another. I purchased and painted some wooden letters in different styles to spell out “books” and “read” with acrylic craft paint. I didn’t originally plan on it saying “read books” but I found an old curb side pick-up frame that I thought would look cute around the words and went with it!

DIY Reading Nook For Kids

My daughter actually picks up and reads her books more often now because they are displayed. No longer hidden in her organization cubes, her books are now easily accessible and a constant reminder that she has them!

DIY Reading Nook For Kids

Thanks again for letting me share! Come visit me for more DIY Inspiration!

About Dinah: Dinah is a craft & DIY Blogger for, an eco-friendly site promoting repurposing through reinvention. is a creative craft site with DIY tips and ideas for entertaining, holidays, & home decorating including step-by-step tutorials. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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