Grand Re-Opening of The Home Depot Genesee #HD680

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


This past Thursday night, my daughter and I had the pleasure of going to the Grand Re-Opening of The Home Depot Genesee down here in San Diego. We were invited to check out a DIH (Do-It-Herself) Workshop and we were very excited. I really loved the idea of taking Ashlyn, who is 10, to a workshop that shows women that they CAN make projects. The project that they showed us how to make was an Adirondack chair.


IMG_20130620_190659Chris was our teacher for the night and she told us that she has worked at Home Depot for over 25 years! I really loved that she admitted that she had some trouble at first sawing some of the pieces for the chair but even though there were a bunch of men standing around the saw, wanting so badly to offer their own advice, she wouldn’t let them help her. She said she wouldn’t feel right coming to a DIH workshop, teaching us how to do something if she truly hadn’t done it 100% herself. I really admired that and completely understand that! We also got to meet up with my friend Chelsea from Making Home Base, who was one of the first ladies up at the table to learn how to use a saw. It’s always fun meeting up with my blogger friends at events like this!



After our workshop, we got to run wild in Home Depot. Ok, we didn’t really run but we walked VERY fast because we got to participate in a Scavenger Hunt! On our sheet, we had a list of things to do like head to the garden center, find the Homer bucket (the orange Home Depot buckets with Homer, the Home Depot mascot, on them) and inside there would be a riddle for us to solve & write down. Or, we had to take a picture of our favorite washer & dryer and upload it to Instagram. Fun things like that. We came in second, right behind Tonya from Create-Celebrate-Explore, but we still won a $50 gift card for Home Depot (imagine how much spray paint I can get with that!)

Scavenger Hunt Winners

1013021_673267259355976_1325580068_nThe inside of the newly remodeled store was extremely nice, bright and clean. The aisles were clearly marked and organized. Sometimes when I walk into The Home Depot, I feel overwhelmed because there is just SO much to see but I didn’t feel that way inside this Home Depot.

The newly reopened Home Depot Genesee now features a 40,000 square foot Outdoor Garden Center, larger kitchen and appliance showrooms, a millwork showroom, an improved Pro-Desk and expanded tool rental.

It also provides workshops and events year-round that the whole family can participate in. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/Home.Depot.Genesee.Ca for more information.

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


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