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I received the product(s) in this post for free, in exchange for a review/giveaway.

When I was given the opportunity to review a doll from Götz, the beloved luxury German doll maker, I jumped at the chance!  I knew that not only would my daughter love having one of Götz’s wonderful dolls, but that I would enjoy reviewing it as well.  I’m a doll person, always have been and probably always will be.  When I am in the toy section of any store, I always have to walk down the “girl” aisle (when my 14 year old son turned about 7, he stopped going down the “girl” aisle, as if the aisle itself had cooties.)  It makes me happy to see all the different dolls, the clothing for them, the accessories, everything…reminds me of the hours & hours my sister and I played Barbies when we were little.

Gotz Doll My daughter chose Jessica, who is a beautiful, blond 18 inch doll.  Ashlyn, my daughter, chose her because she really liked the outfit that she came in.  When Jessica arrived, I am happy to say she was even prettier in person than on the website.  I even told this to Ashlyn and we both agreed that she had a very pretty face.

Gotz Doll

We also loved the outfit that Jessica came dressed in.  You can tell that a lot of attention to detail goes into making the doll’s clothes.  The button-holes, sewing, details on the jeans…everything was just so well-made.  The purse that the doll comes with is a beautiful example that the dolls are made with care. Ashlyn even remarked that she would like a purse like that for herself!  Jessica’s jeans even looked like real jeans with stitching and a little button.

Gotz Doll

I really love the story behind how the Götz company came to be:

Gotz Doll

Gotz Doll

There are two features that help make these dolls superior over other dolls on the market.  As it says above, the Götz dolls are known for their beautiful hair but did you know that their hair can be washed, brushed and styled (yes! you can use a curling iron or blow dryer on low setting) just like your little girl? These dolls have hair that is rooted into the doll’s scalp so it won’t tangle and most other doll’s hair would MELT if you tried to curl or blow dry it! This makes a Götz doll perfect for children who love playing with doll hair.  The hair is proudly made in Germany and shipped to the factory in China where the dolls are made and assembled.  You can check out ways to style the hair of your Götz doll on HABA’s YouTube channel, which shows how to do braids, double knots & cornrows!

Gotz Doll

The second feature that makes these dolls so fantastic is that when your doll gets dirty, more than just spot cleaning, you can place the doll in a pillowcase and wash it in the washing machine!  Just use cold water & the delicate cycle, and then after it’s washed, just lay the doll, belly down, until dry! (The Standing Dolls, like the one we reviewed, shouldn’t be cleaned like this due to their size.)

Some kids love taking their dolls in the bath with them.  If you have a little one in your life like that, look no further than the Aquini line of Götz dolls.  Aquini dolls are vinyl or soft-bodied bath dolls that are waterproof and can either be purchased anatomically correct or not (unisex), depending on your preference.  Some of these great dolls are even able to drink or use the potty, perfect for those little ones who are being potty-trained!

Germany-based Götz has racked up many of the most prestigious U.S. toy awards; including the Oppenheim Platinum Award, Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products and a NAPPA Honors award. Götz carries a wide array of clothing for all of its doll sizes. Since 1950, Götz has continually updated & expanded their product line to stay current with the trends so that they become and remain your children’s most loyal playmates! Look for these latest offerings plus hundreds of other toys, dolls and games on store shelves or online.


 You can find Götz dolls online or in stores.  Also, please like HABA on Facebook, follow on Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

WinItGiveawayTemplateCome back on May 1st, because I am giving away the winner’s choice of Götz doll (excluding the Standing Dolls)!  You’ll be able to choose from Maxy Muffin, Muffin, Maxy Aquini & many more!


By: Tara Kramarsky


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