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Got 'Em! Board Game
I love board games that are fun & different.  Also, having instructions I can understand without being confused is a huge plus 🙂  Calliope Games has a great game called Got ‘Em!  With Got ‘Em!, there are 2 versions you can play.   Bright Got ‘Em! is the easier version & Brainy Got ‘Em! is the harder version. Needless to say, I’ve only tried the easier version.

Got 'Em! Board Game
The object of the game is to trap your opponents pawn behind walls before they trap you.  Each player gets 3 cards from the pile and on your turn, you play one of the cards.  The cards say things like “Place a wall on any yellow square”.  Looking around the board, you try to find a yellow space your opponent is on or near and place a wall up.  Some cards also say you can remove a wall & that you may move your pawn a space.  After playing your card & adding it to the discard pile, you draw a new card (always having 3 in your hand) and it is your opponents turn.  They will play one of their cards, placing a piece of a wall near your pawn, trying to trap you.  If you place a wall, trapping your opponent in one single square, you have “Got ‘Em!” (the rules say you should yell that out & do a little dance!).  If more than 2 people are playing, you can continue playing.  If not, you’ve just won the game.  I’ve played this a lot with Ashlyn, my 9 year old.  She’s getting really good at the strategy part of the game. You can tell that she is thinking ahead about where to place a wall, trying to trap me.

Got 'Em! Board Game
Got ‘Em! comes with a 2 sided game board (Bright & Brainy versions), 84 wall pieces, 55 Got ‘Em! cards and 4 pawns.  It’s great for 2-4 playes, ages 8+.  We did let Ryan play but at 4 years old, he didn’t get the strategy part of the game but he still had fun.
Got 'Em! Board Game
Check out Calliope Games and all the wonderful games they have.  You can also find them on Facebook & Twitter.  One lucky reader will win their own Got ‘Em! game!  Now you can have as much fun as we do with Got ‘Em!  Enter below on the Rafflecopter!

Winner: Sarah B.
By: Tara Kramarsky


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