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My kids all love Science. They come by it naturally with an Engineer Dad & an equally brilliant Mom (ok, I know…that’s a stretch!) They’ll choose Mythbusters or some National Geographic show over most other shows . So, when we were given the chance to review the Glow-In-The-Dark Lab from SmartLab Toys, I knew it was going to be something my kids were going to LOVE.

LabKit2With the Glow-In-The-Dark kit, kids get to use smaller, safer lab tools to mix & measure, creating fun glow-in-the-dark experiments. The kit comes with a fun, colorful instruction book that shows you step-by-step what to do. The kit also includes 2 test tubes, beaker and stand, mixing utensils, 3 creature molds, bouncy ball mold, black-light activator, 4 glow sticks, star stickers, jelly balls polymer, bouncy ball polymer, glow powder, fake snow polymer & fluorescent ink. You can use these fun things to do 20 different science experiments that glow, bounce & ooze.

LabKit4I decided that the one that would really love doing this lab kit would be Ryan, my 5 year old. The kit says it’s for kids 7+, but he’s a really good reader & loves getting hand-on with things like this. He was so excited when I pulled all the pieces out and we looked at the picture in the instruction book that told us what everything was. When it came time to gather the supplies, he loved finding them in the picture, then finding it on the table and helping me to measure and poor whatever we needed for that experiment.
LabKit12The first experiment we did was the “Bouncy Glowball”. Ryan loved being able to pour the glow powder & bouncy ball polymer into the mold & placing the mold into water. He didn’t like waiting the 5 minutes for it to set up & an additional 5 minutes out of the water, but I just told him that when that was all done, he’d have a nice ball to play with.

The other experiment we ended up doing while waiting for the ball was “Glowing, Growing Jelly Balls”. The jelly balls start out teeny, tiny but absorb the water you put them into. What was funny was as we weretaking the glowball out of the mold, the jelly balls kept on expanding and starting popping out of the test tube onto the kitchen table. Ryan thought that was hysterical!

LabKit5SmartLab Toys has so many other things to choose from too! Want to learn more about The Amazing Squishy Brain? How about the Custom Rides Design Studio, where you can learn how to draw cool cars & motorcycles from scratch? How about an All-Natural Spa Day for a Girls Night In?

LabKit6The Glow-In-The-Dark Lab kit has won many awards: Winner of the 2012 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, Winner of the 2012 Mom’s Choice Award,  Winner of the 2012 Parents’ Choice “Approved” Award & Winner of the 2012 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!
BuyItGiveawayTemplateTo find out more about the great things that SmartLab Toys offers, please head on over to their website. You can also follow them on FacebookPinterestTwitter. Their site also has Free ActivitiesTrivia & Color Pages. Sign up for SmartLab Toys Newsletter (top of the page, next to the header) and receive 25% off your next purchase!

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