Gift Giving Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot with Groupon!

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I am admittedly not the best gift giver in the world. I always stress out, trying to figure out what is the best gift for the person I am giving it to, am I spending enough money or not enough, and so on. Christmas sometimes gets me pretty stressed and overwhelmed but I have to try to remember what the real meaning of Christmas is all about and remember that gift giving is supposed to be fun and show the person how much we care.

Whether you are giving a gift to your spouse, your kids or someone else on your Holiday List, Groupon can help you by bringing you great deals on local places that are great. Groupon has everything from dinners, wine tastings and hot air balloon rides to getting behind the wheel of a race car or skydiving (plus anything else you can think of!) What I love about Groupon is not only is it great for giving gifts to people that live close to you, it’s also easy to type in the zip code of the person you are shopping for and see what is available in their area, as well.

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Sometimes, big gifts are exactly what you’re in the market for. But other times, you want to buy a gift just to put a smile on someone’s face. Recently, that is exactly what I did. For the last month, my kids and I have been living 5 hours north of our home with my Grandma. After my Grandpa fell off a ladder (don’t ask why we didn’t tell a 93 year old man NOT to be on a ladder…trust me, we did!) and had surgery to repair a very badly broken femur that will keep him in the hospital for a few months, my Grandma started letting her own health go. She started not eating, drinking or taking her medications and doing running around and doing things for the house and my Grandpa (a lot of the things my Grandpa used to do.) Anyways, my Grandma ended up so sick and in renal failure so I scooped up my 3 kids and was there the next day. (Thankfully, she is better now and we are home!)

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Having 3 kids without the comforts of their own home (read unlimited wi-fi, video games, etc), plus homeschooling and trying to help me with anything extra I needed, it was stressful for us all. So, I wanted to show my kids how much I appreciated all that they had done in the month that we were up at my grandparents. I headed over to the Local section of Groupon and found a frozen yogurt shop (our favorite dessert!) that we’d driven by a bunch of times but didn’t have time to stop. I went ahead and bought a Groupon that would allow us to get $20 worth of fro yo and it only cost me $11!


I didn’t want to just give the kids fro yo, I wanted to make it a special afternoon. The next time we were at the dollar store, I bought us a frisbee, bubbles and some bouncing putty to play with outside. The whole treat only cost $18 and we had such a fun afternoon, proving that not every gift has to be a big expensive one!


If you are trying to think of what to get your loved ones for the Holidays, head on over & check out Groupon, you won’t be sorry! While you’re there, you’ll be able to see lots of great gift ideas that other bloggers like myself have bought for their own friends and family!

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