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Get Your Vehicle Back-To-School Ready with YourMechanic

When I think about taking our minivan in to be serviced by a mechanic, my thoughts always turn to dread. I dread having to sit in a waiting room with old magazines, stale coffee and a TV turned to something I most certainly won’t want to watch. I dread having to listen as they tell me everything I need done on the van. I dread the estimate I’m going to get at the end and I dread having to tell them I can’t possibly afford to fix everything now & I’ll have to come back.

Get Your Vehicle Back-To-School Ready with YourMechanic.0

Is it like this for you too when you take your vehicle in? It doesn’t have to be like this though and I am happy to say I have found a MUCH better solution. We’ve started using YourMechanic for all of our vehicle needs and we’ve been so happy ever since. From brakes to oil changes (and everything in between…check out their list of services here), YourMechanic makes getting any repair simple.

Get Your Vehicle Back-To-School Ready with YourMechanic

Here’s how it works: If you already know what’s wrong with your vehicle, you can easily head over to YourMechanic, enter your zip code (you can have the services done at your home or at your work!), enter in what kind of vehicle you have and then select the services that you need done to your vehicle. Not sure what’s wrong with your car? No worries! After entering the information about your car, click on Diagnostic & Inspections and click on the issues you’re having with your vehicle. YourMechanic will come to your home or place of employment and perform the diagnosis and then let you know what services need to be done. You can then make a new appointment and choose to have either all of the services done then or just the ones that are most important or what you can afford.

My favorite part about YourMechanic? There’s no hidden costs! When we knew what needed to be done with our vehicle, we were given a quote and we made an appointment for a mechanic to come to our home. With that quote, they’re not going to add anything on or make you feel like you have to get other work done. There’s nothing worse than taking your car into a mechanic, thinking it’s going to cost $300 and being told it’s going to cost $800. Even if there is more that needs to be done, your mechanic will let you know if it’s urgent or not and you can decide on your own what to do. Plus, they tell you what it will typically cost at a dealers or shop. I’ve found it to be a lot less because there aren’t all the overhead costs that shops or dealers usually have.

Get Your Vehicle Back-To-School Ready with YourMechanic

With my kids going back to school, it’s been extremely hectic. I thought for sure that once they started at their new school (after being homeschooled for many years) that I would have all this “extra” time. Well, I really don’t. I try to get all of my work done before they come home, which means sitting in a mechanic’s waiting room to get work done isn’t high on my list of things I want to do. But, I recently needed some work done on my van so I make an appointment with YourMechanic. While my mechanic, Richard, did the work that our van needed, I was able to be at my desk, doing work that I needed to get done before the kids got home. My van was done in a few hours and I was able to go and pick up the kids from school like I normally do. If I had to sit at a mechanic’s shop, I wouldn’t have gotten work done, would have been stressing that the work wouldn’t be done in time and stressing because what if it cost more than I budgeted for?

Get Your Vehicle Back-To-School Ready with YourMechanic

No matter what this back-to-school time throws at you (school shopping, drop off/pick up, music lessons after school, sports practices, etc.) make sure your vehicle is working and taken care of. Take advantage of YourMechanic’s oil change promo. They’ll come to your house or office and for $69.99 (Castrol conventional oil change, tire rotation, and 50-point inspection) or $89.99 (Castrol synthetic oil change, tire rotation, and 50-point inspection), your vehicle will be ready to go before you know it!

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