Five Tips for a Frenzy Free Morning with C&H Sugar

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Getting up, getting dressed & getting everyone where they need to be in the mornings isn’t always easy. Luckily, two of my kids are homeschooled so I’m not rushed getting them up & going but my youngest goes to public school & it seems like sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the morning to do everything that needs to be done. There are several things that we can do to make the mornings a little more frenzy free:

C&H Sugar #FlipTopFrenzyFree

1. The night before, lay out all the things you’ll need for breakfast the next morning. My mom used to pretty much set the table the night before and that way, everything was out and ready for us. We would usually eat cereal and toast, which was easy, but everything was laid out & ready to go.

2. Set out clothes the night before. Or at least make sure they’re clean! Not that I’ve ever done that before! Laying clothes out let’s you see that everything is clean & will hopefully make sure you don’t hear “I don’t know what to wear!” or “Where is my purple sweater???”

3. When my older kids were younger & did go to public school, they had a chart of all the things they had to do before we left for school. That way I wasn’t always yelling “Did you brush your teeth?” or “Where in the world is your backpack?” Made for a less stressful morning!

4. Another thing we make sure happens in the morning is NO TV, computer or any other kind of device until you are 100% ready to go. Every couple days, my son will ask if he can watch something as he eats breakfast and when I’ve let him, it NEVER turns out well. He is motivated to getting ready to go much faster if he knows that he can watch TV or play a little Minecraft on the computer once he’s done getting ready.

5. Every day when my son comes home from school, I take out his folder and see if there is anything I need to sign and send back the next day. If I wait to do this until the next morning, it usually makes us feel rushed and things get forgotten. So, any paperwork from school that you can get done the night before is a huge help to morning schedules!

Easy & frenzy free in the morning is what it’s all about and C&H® Sugar knows all about that (Domino® Sugar if you’re on the east coast!) Their brand new flip-top canisters make it really easy to sweeten your coffee, cereal or oatmeal in the morning by just flipping the lid & pouring! No more getting a spoon & digging into the sugar bowl. The recloseable lid keeps everything nice & clean in your kitchen & kitchen cabinets because we all know you don’t have time to clean up a mess in the morning! The sturdy hourglass-shaped canister is available in Domino®Pourable Light Brown Sugar, C&H® Golden Brown Sugar and Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar (available by Domino® and C&H®). If you are looking to add sugar to your coffee or tea, try Domino® and C&H®Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugars. They are finer sugar crystals & allow you to blend them faster when sweetening your favorite hot or cold drinks.

C&H Sugar #FlipTopFrenzyFree


What tip do you have for a Frenzy Free morning? Leave me a comment below & (3) winners will receive a coupon to Try Domino or C&H sugar for free (up to $3 value)! Winner will be chosen on March 15th (11:59pm PST)

For more info on C&H® Sugar’s Flip-Top feature visit their website. You can also find out more on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.


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