Five Holiday Gifts To Enjoy Together

Five Holiday Gifts To Enjoy Together - Christmas Gifts for CouplesFive Holiday Gifts To Enjoy Together

With the holiday season fast approaching, you might be wondering what in the world you should get for the man in your life. All of the typical gift ideas—snazzy cuff links, a tie he won’t wear, or a bottle of expensive alcohol he won’t drink–are too stale, overdone, and so very not him. So maybe you should think about holiday gifts you’ll both enjoy!

A Warm Getaway

If you’re stuck indoors, wedged under piles of snow, maybe you should consider a getaway to somewhere warm and sunny, like Miami. Book a surprise holiday vacation and spend Christmas on the beach sipping Mai Tais with the one you love. While everyone else is cuddling up to keep warm and digging out their cars to get to work, you’ll be soaking up some rays in a summery paradise.

New Tools

All men love playing with new toys, and the more powerful, the better. If you’re aching for a few simple home improvements but he’s balking, consider buying him a new tool to get the job done. If your landscaping could use some help, buy him a riding lawnmower. If you want a new-looking deck and clean home exterior, guys love power washers. The bonus? You get the great-looking home, and he gets to play with new tools!

Wine or Beer Club

If he’s a drinker, embark on a monthly adventure with a wine or beer of the month club. You can both enjoy sipping from different monthly shipments. Who knows? You may end up finding a new favorite. The added bonus of this gift is that it’s almost a guaranteed monthly date night for you two to try a new beverage–no kids allowed!

Fitness Membership

While New Year’s resolutions tend to fade away after a couple of weeks, there’s strength in numbers. You can both work off your delicious Christmas indulgences with a joint health club membership. When one of you falls off the wagon, the other is there to encourage you to stay fit and healthy. You’ll spend time together, you’ll look better for each other, and you’ll both be improving your health. Now that’s a caring gift!

Helicopter Tours

As long as your guy isn’t afraid of flying, one way to see your city the way you normally wouldn’t is to book a helicopter tour for the two of you. Most guys love adventure, and they love planes and copters. This fun date can be paired with a picnic in a nearby park or field. Let him fall in love with your adventurous nature all over again. You know he’ll be bragging about this date to his friends.

Five Holiday Gifts To Enjoy Together - Christmas Gifts for Couples

Whatever your guy likes, try to think outside the box. Your gift should be unique and unpredictable but should still fit his personality. Whether it’s a tropical getaway or a cozy night in with a bottle of wine, your guy will love knowing that you’re thinking of him. Your unique holiday gift will give you a chance to reconnect, and you’ll both enjoy it!

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