Fantastic & Fun Craft Books for Tweens

My daughter is 11 and loves drawing, creating and working on crafts. She’s always asking if we can go to the craft store for this or that and is definitely more creative than I am. She spends way too much time of Pinterest looking at fun ideas and wanting to recreate them. I’m always looking for crafts and craft books for tweens so she can show off her creativity as much as possible.


When I asked her if she wanted to review two books geared towards her age that had to do with fun & crafts, she couldn’t wait. The first book she was sent is called Totally Washi!: More Than 45 Super Cute Washi Tape Crafts for Kids by Ashley Ann Laz. Washi tape is so much fun to use for such a wide variety of crafts and this book is perfect for my daughter. She absolutely loved looking through every page, seeing all the great ideas & even taking some of them and making them in her own way. There are a wide variety of crafts covered in the book from small crafts like making a bow ring or a popsicle stick bracelet, to bigger crafts like a headboard for your bed or an upcycled desk for your room. My daughter & I really loved that each craft had pictures of the finished project and also a few pictures of the progress on how to make the craft.

WashiBook1 WashiBook2 WashiBook4

My daughter is always carrying around notebooks & sketchbooks for drawing so she decided to cover one with washi tape to write notes in for her short stories. Using the directions in the book, she first covered the book in white printer paper (since you’d be able to see the print of the notebook through the washi tape) and then starting making a pattern with the washi tape she chose. It turned out really great & now she can jot down little notes and ideas when she’s away from home.


The second book that was sent to us was The Everything Girls Super Cute Kawaii Fun Book: Tons of Creative, Fun Kawaii Activities–Doodles, Games, Crafts, and More! by Peggy Brown & Nate Lovett. This fun & Adorable book is filled with adorable pictures, puzzles, crafts & characters (BeriBeri the strawberry, Meowy the kitten, Bunita the bunny, Puffit the cloud and Koni the ice cream cone). There are so many activities in this great book from puzzles to mazes to step-by-step directions on how to draw the characters in the book. This book would make a great gift for a birthday girl!

WashiBook6 WashiBook7 WashiBook8

If you’re looking for a great gift for a young girl or tween or simply want to buy that special girl in your life something so she can let her creativity out, I highly recommend both of these books, as does my 11 year-old daughter. You can find the Washi Tape book HERE and the Kawaii book HERE


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