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If you have children, or have children on your Christmas list, I’m sure you’re looking for something fun, and educational. If you’re buying for children in your own home, I’m sure you’re also looking for something that isn’t going to keep you up at night if it’s turned on! I’m always looking for unique board games for my kids & I have 2 to share with you!

Unique Board Games

Unique Board Games

I was asked to review Korner’D and Oddly Obvious by Endless Games. Korner’D is a great game that was first featured in Spring of 2013. It’s also a sponsor of Autism Speaks, as well as being a great, challenging game for everyone, including those with special needs. This game is a puzzle, that’s also a game. This game features simple rules: Just match the colors of the tiles with the pattern on the board. If you play all of your tiles before everyone else, you win! This game is suggested for children ages 8 and up, but would also be a great game to share with the whole family on game night!

Unique Board Games

Oddly Obvious is a great party game where all of the answers are right in your face. The game gives you the clues, and the answers, it’s just up to you to be the first one to shout the most correct answer, and you win. This game is for players 12 and up, and you need to have 3 or more players to play. This would also be a great addition to your family game night.

If you’re looking to add more games to your family’s game night, these two games would make great Christmas, birthday, or “just because” types of gifts. If you have a special needs child, Korner’D might be a great game to add so that everyone can play, and feel included.

You can find out more about Endless Games on their site, and you can also find them on Facebook & Twitter.

Does your family have a Family Game Night? If so, what are your favorite games? Let me know in the comments!

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