eKids Disney Over The Ear Headphones Review

Having working headphones in this house is a MUST. We live in a small space and everyone wants to watch/listen to things on their phones, tablets, computers, the MG, etc.  If we didn’t have any good headphones, this place would be even noisier then usual.  Since Ryan is only 4, it’s been hard to find headphones that are comfortable for him.  He has very sensitive ears so we wanted something that would be safe & comfortable for him.

eKids Disney Over The Ear Headphones Review

We decided to give the Disney iHome headphones by eKids a try.  There were many products to choose from but it really wasn’t a hard choice.  We are all Phineas & Ferb fanatics so choosing the Perry the Platypus headphones was a no brainer.

eKids Disney Over The Ear Headphones Review

Ryan couldn’t wait for me to take pictures of the headphones so he could use them. He actually put them on to start watching Phineas & Ferb on Netflix (on the MG). The headphones have padding on the inside of the headband and also on each ear, making it very comfortable to wear these headphones.  The headband is also adjustable so kids of all ages can use these headphones.  I even used them on my big ole’ Mr. Potato Head and they fit!

eKids Disney Over The Ear Headphones Review

I also love that these headphones have a volume control on the cord, making it easy to turn the volume down.  When Ryan puts the headphones on and turns on a game on the MG or goes to watch something on Netflix, we try to make sure the volume dial on the cord it turned down all the way.

eKids Disney Over The Ear Headphones Review

Ashlyn is 10 & really likes using these headphones too.  She’s tried earbuds before but they really hurt her ears.  Using these headphones keeps her more comfortable & safer as well!

The kids are already begging for the Perry the Platypus Walkie Talkies & the Agent P alarm clock. Don’t tell them this but I want them too!  If you haven’t watched Phineas & Ferb, you must!  All the episodes are on Netflix streaming.


You can buy Disney iHome Headphones, and over great products, on eKids.com. The pair we chose sell for $24.99.  We love our new headphones and Ryan loves being able to turn on the volume on his MG but be able to control the volume for his sensitive ears.


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