Ehrmann MIXIM Greek Yogurt Review

This post is brought to you by Ehrmann USA. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Ehrmann MIXIM Greek Yogurt

I have to admit that I am a Greek yogurt lover. Ever since I first tried it a few months back, I haven’t bought any other kind of yogurt. When I was asked to try Ehrmann MIXIM Greek yogurt, I was really excited. Ehrmann sent me a bunch of kinds to try and I love them all! MIXIM™ Greek yogurt comes in these great varieties:

  • Blackberry+Pomegranate and Granola+Dried Fruit
  • Honey and Coconut+Almonds
  • Mango+Pineapple and Coconut+Almonds
  • Cherry and Dark Chocolate Curls
  • Raspberry and Dark+White Chocolate curls
  • Strawberries and Granola
Ehrmann MIXIM Greek Yogurt

So, what makes this yogurt different than others out there? Well, first the shape of the container is a heart & super cute! That makes it stand out from other yogurts. While some other yogurts have a mix-in, whether it’s fruit, honey or granola, MIXIM™ Greek yogurt has 2 sections of yummy goodness that you can add to your yogurt. Now you don’t have to decide if you want a fruity mix in or a crunchy mix in…you can have both! Each serving of creamy, smooth MIXIM Greek yogurt is paired with two topping combinations to let you create your own taste sensations.

Ehrmann MIXIM Greek Yogurt

MIXIM is made with Ehrmann’s authentic strained Greek yogurt, using only natural ingredients. Each product is as unprocessed as possible and they use fresh cow milk from local farms, and add the highest quality fresh fruit and ingredients. The yogurts are free of artificial preservatives, additives, colors and sweeteners, plus are non fat and kosher certified.

Since each of the the flavor combos ranges from 145-210 calories per serving & have at least 10g of protein (minimum 20% DV), these tasty yogurts are a great way to start your morning or provide you with a great snack throughout the day.

Ehrmann MIXIM Greek Yogurt

My favorite flavor was the Raspberry and Dark+White Chocolate curls variety. I loved the creaminess and freshness of the yogurt, the sweetness of the raspberries and the crunchiness of the chocolate curls. It was incredibly fun to eat, VERY tasty & was a great snack to have in between breakfast and lunch.

Ehrmann MIXIM™ Greek yogurt is available in California, Arizona & Nevada now (February) but will be heading out to stores across the country throughout 2014. To stay up-to-date on when it will be in your area or to learn more, make sure you follow Ehrmann on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram!

This post is brought to you by Ehrmann USA. All thoughts & opinions are my own.



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