Creating a Fun Kid’s Bedroom with Pacific Play Tents

We live in a small townhouse with 5 people but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to give each of my kids a space to call their own. My youngest son shares our bedroom and while it isn’t ideal, we get to live in a nice, safe neighborhood in a place we can afford. But, that doesn’t mean we are all cramped without our own spaces. I want to make sure that Ryan, who just turned 7, has his own fun kid’s bedroom to play and sleep. I’ve done that by giving him a cute area to put his toys and by making his bed a fun place to sleep & play.

Creating a Fun Kid's Bedroom with Pacific Play Tent

I was able to do that by adding something fun to Ryan’s bed. We chose the Rad Racer Bed Tent from Pacific Play Tents. As soon as Ryan saw the picture of the bed tent online, he said he wanted it for his bed & asked me every single day when it was going to arrive in the mail. When it did arrive, the tent was one big piece with instructions and two poles that were very easy to put together and insert into the tent itself. My older son and I carried it into my room and put it onto Ryan’s bed. The bottom of the Bed Tent is similar to a fitted sheet so the tent stay in place and doesn’t slide off the bed.

Creating a Fun Kid's Bedroom with Pacific Play Tent
Creating a Fun Kid's Bedroom with Pacific Play Tent
Creating a Fun Kid's Bedroom with Pacific Play Tent

Ryan instantly jumped inside his Bed Tent, velcroed the flaps shut & said he wanted to play. He ended up taking his toy cars and LEGOs in his tent and we could hear him just playing away. He’s a very active, on-the-go little boy and this tent has held up VERY well and still looks like it just came out of the box. We are very happy with it and plan to buy other bed tents for presents because they are so much fun!

Creating a Fun Kid's Bedroom with Pacific Play Tent
Creating a Fun Kid's Bedroom with Pacific Play Tent

Pacific Play Tent doesn’t just make Bed Tents, though, They have other fun things like tunnels, tent/tunnel combos, chairs and more!

Find out more about Pacific Play Tents on their website on social media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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