Celebrate the Heroes in Your Life with Build-A-Bear

I’m sure that everyone, whether you’re a parent or not, has heard all about Build-A-Bear. But, I have a confession to make…I’ve never been inside of one. When we were asked to review a Build-A-Bear, my kids & I were excited and said yes!
Celebrate the Heroes in Your Life with Build-A-Bear
Celebrate the Heroes in Your Life with Build-A-Bear
We chose Cheerful Monkey dressed as a Super Hero. Cheerful Monkey came dressed in a Superhero T-Shirt with Cape ($6), Classic Jeans ($5) and White Canvas High-Tops ($8). He would make a great gift for the hero in your life or just a fun friend for your kids to play Super Heroes with. I was really impressed with monkey itself; he is very soft, adorable and well made. The clothes that he came dressed in are so cute too! All of the details on the clothing are wonderful and you can tell a lot of love & care go into making the clothes & the animals. Having never gone inside a Build-A-Bear store before, I was worried that the cost of the clothes would be a lot more expensive but I think that they are a good price for what you get.
Celebrate the Heroes in Your Life with Build-A-Bear
My 6 year old son is into Super Heroes and loved that this Monkey came with a cape attached to his shirt. My son thought it was great that he also has a shirt with a cape attached. However, even with a copious amount of begging & bribing, Ryan refused to wear his cape shirt to matches Monkey’s. But. you can tell from these pictures that Monkey is being very much loved & taken care of. Ryan has loved making him fly around the house, play Legos with him & watch Pokemon with Monkey.
Celebrate the Heroes in Your Life with Build-A-Bear
I love that Build-a-Bear has animals and clothes that are perfect for boys, too. And Build-A-Bear isn’t just for kids either! There are lots of great animals you can buy for the special people in your life:
Celebrate the Heroes in Your Life with Build-A-Bear

Father’s Day: Surprise Dad with this rockin’ gift! Celebrate Father’s Day with Paperback Pup ($18) wearing a Dad Rocks T-Shirt ($8.50), Classic Jeans ($5) and Black Canvas High-Tops ($8). Plus, add a personalized message Dad will treasure with a Build-A-Sound® message YOU record.

Armed Forces: Honor your favorite service man or woman with this cuddly Camo Bear ($20) dressed in a Khaki Digital Camo Outfit with dog tag ($13.50) and Black Rubber Boots ($7.50).

Everyday Heroes: Who is your hero? Are they a teacher or friend? Make them smile with this super gift! Cheerful Monkey ($20) looks the part with a Superhero T-Shirt with Cape ($6), Classic Jeans ($5) and Black Canvas High-Tops ($8).

Graduations: Say CUBgrats to the graduate with this memorable graduation teddy bear gift! Graduate Bearemy ($12) comes with a Black Graduation Set ($12.50) including a black satin gown, hat, plush diploma and tassel. Embroider a special graduation gift to create a long- lasting memorable gift.

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