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Last year, my oldest son started using an online school for homeschooling. It’s worked really well for him, so when it came time for him to start a Driver’s Ed program, I was pleased to find out that there is an online Driver’s Ed program called igottadrive.com that is licensed by the California DMV. igottadrive.com prepares kids to pass their permit test the first time they take it, all from the comfort of their home (or it’s so convenient, you can take your laptop or tablet anywhere & take the course!) While I still can’t believe my son is old enough to start Driver’s Ed (where does the time go?), I am happy to have found a place where he can learn how to drive and not be bored in the process.


igottadrive.com isn’t just a boring, read a book & try to pass a test type of thing. They take the teens on a virtual road trip across the US and as you go from state to state, the teens will learn about everything from parallel parking to merging into traffic (and everything in between). When a teen finishes a state, a postcard will pop up, telling them they have completed that state & then they can then share it on social media. I don’t know about you but I remember very little about my Driver’s Ed experience (except that it wasn’t fun, colorful or comfortable). I was able to take it in school (I believe my grade was the last year they offered it at school and even though, they only took a small amount of people for the class) so I don’t think my parents had to pay for it but it still wasn’t anything like my son has been doing!


Before I found out about igottadrive.com, I was worried that Driver’s Ed was going to be another huge expense that we would have to pay. This program costs $69.95, which I already think is a good price, but you can get an even better deal! If you head on over and use my affiliate code, you can  get this entire course for $14/95! $14.95 for an Online Driver’s Ed Course with DMV Certificate of Completion, how’s that for a great deal?!

Not only will your child enjoy this Driver’s Ed course, they can also check out the video library of driving tips to review and watch videos about making u-turns, freeway entry & exiting (I wish everyone in California had to watch this over & over again, my goodness!), mirror setup and more. This is great information for everyone, especially if you’re a more visual learner like my son and I are.

My son is about halfway done with his Driver’s Ed training and is really enjoying it. He’ll be eligible to get his permit later this year and I feel confident that he’ll do a great job thanks to his Driver’s Ed training from igottadrive.com. To learn more about the program, please visit their site and also check them out on Facebook & Twitter.


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