Brilliant Sky Toys & Books – Christmas Giveaway Event Day 17

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I am a sucker for a book store or a toy shop.  I could spend hours in either one just looking around and having fun.  As kids, we used to go to a giant toy store (OK, maybe it wasn’t giant, I don’t know.  But to me at age 7, it was GIANT!) and it always felt so magical.  It’s so hard to find a good toy store these days that it’s just a part of another big chain store.
Brilliant Sky
That’s why I really love Brilliant Sky Toys & Books.  There are 16 Brilliant Sky Toys & Books shops, sadly none in California!  However, that doesn’t mean I can’t shop there online!  I love that they have such a great variety of toys and toys you wouldn’t see in other stores.  Some of my favorite things that I have my eye on are the Felt Food Taco Set, The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, the Super Sorting Pie and the Pattern Blocks and Boards (we have these and every time we pull them out, all 3 kids (ages 13, 9 & 4) have a blast with them!)
Brilliant Sky
My kids have been playing with this really great toy called a Boogie Board.  The Boogie Board is a paperless, LCD Writing Tablet.  You can use the stylus that comes with the Boogie Board or you can use your finger!  To erase  what you’ve drawn, all you do is push a button, a little flash will appear from the liquid crystal display and then you have a clear screen to draw on again!  Perfect for those car trips or when you have a child that likes to play 99 games of Tic-Tac-Toe a day 🙂  My daughter loves drawing on it and takes it with us all the time in the van.
Brilliant Sky Toys & Books has a bunch of fabulous toys just like the Boogie Board and make it easy for busy moms to shop online for those great toys.  I love this saying from their website: “Based on the belief that the right playthings give children a gateway to physical, emotional and cognitive development Brilliant Sky Toys & Books provides the highest quality products in an atmosphere that is both active and interactive.”  Nothing is better than a great toy that educates, is fun and is easy to shop for!

You can check out Brilliant Sky Toys & Books on their website and on Facebook. One lucky reader will win their own Boogie Board & be able to play a million and one games of Tic-Tac-Toe as well (ok, there are a ton of other uses, Ryan just likes Tic-Tac-Toe A LOT!)  Enter below on the Rafflecopter!

Winner: Leah C.

By: Tara Kramarsky


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