Books of Responsibility – 30 Days of Christmas Giveaway Event – Day 4

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Young People’s Press’ “Books of Responsibility” features short stories from different parts of the world, all related to one topic.  These stories teach children about different cultures and wonderful lessons for the kids to learn.  We were sent 6 different books to read.  We received Stories of Fairness, Stories of Faithfulness, Stories of Forgiveness, Stories of Respect, Stories of Friendship & Stories of Excellence.
All three of my kids (13, 9 & 4) have all enjoyed going through each book and reading stories from different countries.  Since each story is written by a different author, there are many styles of writing & pictures in every book. Each book comes in hardcover & would be great in a school library, in a classroom or in your home.  The books are geared towards grades 2-5 but my youngest is 4 and has loved having us read to him.  I love reading books to the kids (or having them read them) that have a positive message.
Young People’s Press is giving away 6 Books of Responsibility to a lucky reader .  Enter below on the Rafflecopter. Please visit Young People’s Press on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on their website. Here, you can buy the books for $9.95 each plus shipping and handling.

Winner: Fee R.

By: Tara Kramarsky


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