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Blogging Tips – How to Get Paid More for Sponsored Posts

I started blogging in June of 2012. Before I started, I really knew nothing about blogging other than the fact that I wanted to host a bunch of giveaways and give away cool things to people. I honestly had no idea that you could make money doing it or meet as many cool people as I have over these past three years. When I first started, I reached out to Sadie from Slap Dash Mom for advice about how to start a blog and honestly, I still reach out to other bloggers all the time for advice. There’s still so much to learn and I love that I have found so many support friends. People ask all the time how to make money from blogging and while I am FAR from an expert, I love being about to share the things I have learned.

Blogging Tips - How to Get Paid More for Sponsored Posts

One of the things that I hear people ask a lot about is sponsored posts and what to charge for them. Getting paid more is really only about asking for more. When you talk to a brand and they ask what you charge, charge what you want to get paid, and you will most likely get it! I know it sounds silly, but really as long as your blog is in order and you have a readership that is valuable to a brand, they will pay you. Some bloggers get paid $1000 or more for a sponsored post campaign. Others do them for $25. The brands usually have a larger budget than we realize, they just have to make sure it’s worth it before they spend that kind of money.

Your job is making sure they know you’re worth it:

Take a good look at your blog. If you are unable to do so objectively, ask another blogger to give you a critique. A fresh look at your blog is the first step to improvement.

Some things to keep in mind that brands might be looking for:

A professional blog design. If you’re decent at design, doing your own is fine. If you’re not, leave it to the pros. Can’t afford a $500 design? Find a newer designer and offer a trade.

Family-friendly. While this isn’t true for all brands, many brands will only work with you if your content is only family-friendly. Don’t think this means that you can’t be yourself on your blog – it’s yours to do with what you please; just keep in mind that some brands will say “no” if you’re dropping the “F” bomb on every post.

Who you are. Who are you? Answer that question quickly and efficiently in your about blurb or on your about page. Let brands know which major city you’re closest to, and if you have kids, be sure to include them!

Blogging Tips - How to Get Paid More for Sponsored Posts

How to reach you. Is your email address front and center? It’s important to make sure your email address is located in a prominent location (or two), because most PR reps won’t waste more than 30 seconds searching – no matter how much they love your blog.

Take a good look at the brand’s online presence. If they’re pitching you, you know they’re actively growing their brand. If you’re pitching them, perhaps they’re not.

Are they doing well in some areas, and not so well in other areas? Do a quick evaluation of their online brand presence and see where you can help them out. When you craft your pitch, be sure to include a very small summary of your findings as your talking point. Don’t give away the farm… just mention that you follow them and noticed you could help them do XYZ.

Ask them about their goals. Instead of pitching for a sponsored post, let them know you’re interested in being a brand ambassador. Not only do brand ambassadors make a lot more money than bloggers with one sponsored post do, they’re also seen as more valuable, so you want to make sure they realize that.

What are other similar brands doing better? Don’t specifically mention competing brands, but keep an eye out to see what “the other guys” are doing. What’s working for them, what’s not working for them? Help your brand improve by paying attention to others.

Blogging Tips - How to Get Paid More for Sponsored Posts

Do your own thing.

  • Just because someone else is working with Charmin doesn’t mean you should be working with Charmin. Do you use Charmin? If you’re loyal to another brand, don’t pitch a competitor.
  • There are several ways to get in touch with brands you would like to work with: email, contact form, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even LinkedIn.
  • When you’re talking to a brand about sponsored posts, remember to be flexible. Also remember to charge more than you actually want to receive, because that’s what’s going to give you the flexibility you need.

Do your thing with a third party.

– Linqia pays several hundred per campaign, and they’re usually fairly simple. They are based on results, so make sure the campaign is a good fit for your audience before you apply.

– Clever Girls pay well if you have a bigger blog, but as with most places, being smaller can work against you.

– Massive Sway pays between $75 and $300 for most campaigns. Their campaigns usually involve a blog post, a few social media shares, and possibly a Twitter party or Instagram share or two. They’re really great to work with, and they do consider more than just numbers when choosing bloggers for campaigns. The best way to get chosen is to get on their radar.

Don’t give up because sometimes all it takes is one great blog post to get noticed by these blogger networks or a great company. You can also check out this list of 80+ Media Companies & Networks for bloggers that I have put together (I’m always adding to it too!)

On a side note, if you already have a blog or are thinking about starting one, check out SiteGround for all your hosting needs. It’s who I use & who I recommend. I switched over to them from a company that was awful and the difference was amazing! If you have any questions about their services, leave me a comment & I’ll answer it for you!


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