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25 Super Cool Bento Lunch Box Ideas

Starting in September, two of my kids (8th grader and 2nd grader) will be heading to a charter school two days a week. The other three days, they will be here at home with me and we’ll be homeschooling. This change means that I’ll have to be thinking about making lunches and sending them off with their new Bentgo Kids Lunch Boxes. My youngest son will try some news foods and while his list of foods he does like isn’t long, there are a lot more foods on it then on the list of foods my daughter (who is 12) will eat. I’m trying to get more creative this year & have them try some things that maybe they wouldn’t necessarily try otherwise. I’ve put together a list of 25 Bento Lunch Box Ideas to get us started for the school year. Some are definitely over my level of expertise in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t gain inspiration from all of these great bento ideas!

25 Super Cool Bento Lunch Box Ideas

1. Pac Man Bento | Happiness is Homemade
2. Angry Birds Bento Lunch | Here Comes the Sun
3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles Bento | Twin Dragonfly Designs
4. Star Wars Storm Trooper Lunch | 4 the Love of Family
5. Space Food Bento | The Pinning Mama
6. Frozen Olaf School Lunch | Mom Endeavors
7. Simple Fall Themed Bento Lunch | About a Mom
8. Pirate Bento | BentoLunch.net
9. Alien Invader Bento | Small Potatoes
10. Chicken Taco Bento | I Save A to Z
11. Unicorn Bento | The Gingerbread House
12. Boo Bento | Twin Dragonfly Designs
13. Rainbow Bento | The Pinning Mama

25 Super Cool Bento Lunch Box Ideas

14. Number Themed Bento Lunches | Here Come the Girls
15. Big Hero6 Bento Box | Kelly Stilwell
16. Easy Lego Bento | The Gingerbread House
17. Halloween Bento | About a Mom
18. Rio2 Bento Lunchbox | Two Little Cavaliers
19. Dinosaur Bento Box | Wendy Copley
20. Pizza Bento Lunchbox | Cincy Shopper
21. Gingerbread Men Bento | BonBon Break
22. Angry Birds Pig Bento | Susan Yuen
23. Sandwich Lollipops Bento | Biting the Hand That Feeds You
24. English Muffin Bento | Twin Dragonfly Designs
25. Cinco de Mayo Bento Lunch | Three Different Directions

Which Bento lunch would you like to try first?

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