Back To School Shopping with Naartjie Kids


About 6 years ago, I found the most adorable skirt in a secondhand children’s clothing store. My daughter got so many compliments on it and she just loved wearing it. I looked up the company, found they had a store in the mall by us & we went to go shop for some more adorable clothes. That’s when our love for Naartjie Kids started.

Back To School Shopping

Naartjie Kids clothes (by the way, it’s pronounced nar chee which is an Afrikaans word for “a small, sweet citrus fruit” found in South Africa) are colorful, soft & comfortable to wear. The clothes are made from natural fabrics and are garment-dyed, then pre-washed and pre-shrunk for easy care. I didn’t really know what garment dying was or what made it different, but according to Naartjie Kids website “garment dying is a process where the entire garment is dyed after being sewn. This is a more expensive process which results in a unique and more vibrant color.” All of Naartjie Kids clothes are made almost entirely of 100% cotton.

Back To School Shopping

Back To School Shopping

We were given a $50 gift certificate for our review and at first I was bummed that my daughter was now too big to wear Naartjie Kids since they make clothes in sizes 0-10. But, then I realized I had never bought any clothes for my son (he’s 5) from Naartjie Kids before and decided to check out the boys clothes. Good news too! Starting mid-August, Naartjie Kids is expanding their clothing to tweens & teens! Naartjie clothes will be available in sizes 12-16 for their new lines & I’m really happy to hear that!

Back To School Shopping

I chose to buy shorts & T-shirts for Ryan, even though these were bought with Back To School Shopping in mind. Here in San Diego, people wear shorts all year long. (Well, I never wear shorts but that’s another story). Both of my boys (14 & 5) almost exclusively wear shorts so I lucked out buying Ryan shorts that were on sale before the pants & jackets roll in.

Back To School Shopping Back To School Shopping Back To School Shopping Back To School Shopping

For $84 (I couldn’t stop at $50! I found too much!), I bought SIX T-shirts & FOUR pairs of shorts. I love that I can mix & match all of them with each other & also with other clothes that he already has. All the clothes are soft and comfortable which is SO important with Ryan because he hates itchy clothes and makes a big stink about it! I am completely happy with the clothes I chose for Ryan and definitely can’t wait to buy more clothes for him from Naartjie Kids. I also can’t wait until the new clothing line comes out with sizes 12-16 so I can buy some for my daughter too!



To buy any of the products featured here, or to learn more about Naartjie Kids, please visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. To find a store near you, use Naartjie Kids store locator.


Head on over to our Back To School Giveaway Event, where you can win a $50 Gift Certificate to buy awesome clothes from Naartjie Kid’s! There will be a BIG prize pack for one luck winner!


By: Tara Kramarsky
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