Never too early to think about Back To School – The Eco Friendly Way

Back To School

How ECO is your lunchbox? ECOlunchbox is challenging people everywhere to ask this important question. I started packing most of the kid’s lunches in bento type boxes but I’ve still been buying a lot of pre-packaged stuff & this year, I really want to change that! And since Back To School time will be on us before you know it, here are some great tips to help you ECO up that lunchbox!

Back To School

Making changes in our lunchtime habits is an easy first step toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle, says Sandra Harris, president of ECOlunchboxes.com specializing in no-waste lunchboxes.

“I was so tired of our family’s over-reliance on leaching plastics food containers, plastic baggies and other throw-aways,” explains Harris, a Lafayette, Calif. resident. “I started ECOlunchboxes.com so people could choose to pack their lunches in a way that’s healthy for people and the planet. I truly believe that lunch by lunch we can green the world a whole bunch.”

Tips & Tricks to Going Green

• Did you know an average U.S. family spends about $400 extra on disposable lunchware and creates about 4,320 pieces of trash unnecessarily? These are two stunning facts from the Lunchbox Waste Study by ECOlunchboxes.

• Harris suggests that families interested in greening their lunchtime habits start by paying close attention to how they’re packing their lunches. How many pieces of trash do you throw away each day at lunchtime? Counting the number of throw-aways used in each lunch can be a great way to inspire children and adults to start selecting reusable containers instead.

• Need more motivation to go green at lunchtime? Start paying attention to how much pre-packaged foods, like yogurt cups, energy bars, cheese sticks, chips bags and more cost per unit. Then calculate how much your family would save by buying in bulk and packing these foods in reusable containers.

Back To School

“There are multiple bottom lines,” says Sandra Harris, whose company is certified through the Bay Area Green Business Program. “When we green our lunches, the environment and our pocketbooks are both winners.”

Back To School

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By: Tara Kramarsky


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