How I Budget with My American Express Serve® Cash Back Card

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for American Express Serve. I applied for the Serve Cash Back card to facilitate my review and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

In my 20’s, I didn’t think too much about my credit, what it would mean for my future or really what I needed to make it better than it was. As I got older, had kids and we needed to either buy a home or rent a larger home, that’s when the light bulb went off that credit (bad, good or lack thereof) IS important. For the last couple years, we’ve been working on repairing our credit and while it’s not always easy, it’s really paying off! My credit score is higher than it’s ever been and it’s in the Excellent range.

For years, we used credit cards to buy things we needed, splurges that we didn’t think twice about, dinners out…it just wasn’t responsible spending. We finally paid off the cards and cut them up because we knew that all we were doing was hurting our credit and our future. However, lately we’ve been wanting to use a prepaid debit card for small purchases and because we don’t always like carrying cash around us for certain things. I decided to give the American Express Serve® Cash Back card a try and see if that was a good choice for me.

American Express Serve® Cash Back Card

The American Express Serve® Cash Back card is a reloadable prepaid account that makes it easy to access money management tools that are either no cost or low cost. Plus, it’s the only debit account that gives you 1% cash back on purchases, whether they’re online or in store. The cash back is added to your account fast after you make your purchase so you can use it when YOU’RE ready to use it. You’re able to log in at any time to see what you’ve earned towards your next purchase.

I like being able to use the card, adding money to it and knowing that I can only use that exact amount and then my spending is over. For example, we love eating out at different restaurants but it can get very expensive. You can load an amount onto the card that you’ve designated as “Eating Out” money and once that’s spent, you know you’re done for that paycheck or month. Not to mention, you’re also earning 1% back on those purchases!

American Express Serve® Cash Back Card

You can register online to get a prepaid card in the mail for free or you can also buy a card at your favorite store for up to $3.95 (depending on the retailer). No credit checks, no minimum balances and no hidden fees! Use the card to pay bills, grocery shop, shop online or withdraw money from over 24,000 MoneyPass® ATMs. Use it anywhere you would normally use an American Express card. It’s that easy!

I’ve loved that it’s been able to help me with my budgeting and I am not only saving money by sticking to that budget, but I’m also earning 1% back on all my purchases!

To find out more about the American Express Serve® Cash Back card, you can visit their website, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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