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9 Things You Have To Do With Your Kids This Summer

It’s hard to believe that it’s Summer again already! It seems like it was JUST here…especially this HOT weather! It gets to over 100 degrees most days here and I am NOT a hot weather person at all. Truth be told, neither are my kids so we’re always looking for fun things to do to stay cool.
9 Things You Have To Do With Your Kids This Summer

9 Things You Have To Do With Your Kids This Summer

  1. Head to the Library – I know a lot of kids will moan & groan at this suggestion but not only will this help them to keep reading throughout the summer, the library is usually a designated cool zone. Plus, most libraries have reading programs so kids can earn prizes or free food at local restaurants.
  2. Go to the Movies – Check to see if there is a movie theater in your area that offers $1 movies! It’s a great way to beat the heat and be entertained all at the same time!
  3. Make some slime – Pinterest is FULL of amazing slime recipes. Kids love it!
  4. Visit a Farmer’s Market – Even better, if you have a place that you can pick your own fruit! Kid’s get to see where their food comes from AND get a healthy treat as well
  5. Camp outside – Pitch some tents and camp outside. Not feeling that adventurous (don’t worry, I wouldn’t either!). “Camp” inside with everyone sleeping the living room.
  6. Water Time – Don’t have a pool? Check & see if there is anywhere local that has a splash zone or if there is a local pool in your area.
  7. Make Lemonade – Have your kids help make lemonade & then supervise them outside at a lemonade stand!
  8. Wash the Car – Sounds like work right? But your car will get clean, the kids will be wet & have fun so it’s a win-win in my book
  9. Plan a neighborhood water balloon fight – The kids will have fun & cool down!

Since we’ll be on the go a lot this summer, we also plan to keep snacks & drinks with us at all times. One drink we’ll have is Fruit Shoot®. My son loves the fruit punch flavor and I love that he doesn’t make a mess with them! It’s bottle is designed to be taken on-the-go, which means it’s easy for him to open and has a resealable cap, which helps with no spills! The bottles are durable and can be thrown into a beach bag or backpack for a day at the park.

9 Things You Have To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Fruit Shoot also encourages our kids to find their passion and go after it. No matter if that’s soccer, writing, art, martial arts or anything in between. When kids find their “thing” and realize what makes them them, that’s when they’re at the their best.

We have a no food or drink policy (except water) when my son is by the computer, in his bedroom or in the living room. It’s just too easy to spill in a cup! Fruit Shoot makes me feel better about that. With juice pouches, you always have to be careful if you put it into a bag because no one wants that thing to be punctured and have juice everywhere. And don’t even get me started on the straws on juice pouches! Just twist the cap off a Fruit Shoot, drink, reseal the cap and you’re good to go! Fruit Shoot even has a brand new fruit punch flavor and my son LOVES it! Plus, no sugar added with is a huge bonus for me!

9 Things You Have To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Want to buy some Fruit Shoot® of your own? Find it in a store near you! We found ours at our local Walmart.

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