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8 Math Apps Your Kids Will Beg to Play

One of the hardest subjects for the majority of elementary students is math. If I’m honest, one of the hardest subjects for adults is likely math as well. The larger issue here is that when the basics aren’t well known and mastered, the later and harder concepts are nearly impossible to grasp. Early math learning is essential for lifelong comprehension and educational ease. Sadly, most of us cannot help our kids with the current curriculum because many of us learned how to solve problems differently. When I try to show my child how to answer their equations they get even more confused and frustrated.
8 Math Apps Your Kids Will Beg to Play

Luckily, my youngest son LOVES math and is always looking for new games & apps that let him have fun but also have math integrated into them. I’ve found these 8 math apps that your kids will beg to play during their screen time. Every one of them is phenomenal, and even the few that are subscription based are still very affordable compared to the hundreds a month for a tutor. Try a few to find the right fit and make sure they cover what your student is learning.

8 Math Apps Your Kids Will Beg to Play

1. Sushi Monster: This app is both fun and challenging at the same time. Kids practice addition and multiplication by feeding sushi to a monster. Different from other math apps, users figure out what numbers will add up to a provided number instead of being provided numbers to figure out the sum.

2. Madagascar Math Ops Lite: In this app, kids solve problems to set Zoosters free. The math problems could be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Designed for kids in grade 1 to 4, this game rewards users for correct answer. After solving the math problem, play a mini game similar to angry birds to break the cages where Zoosters are trapped.

3. Brainy Arkies: This app allows kids to build an island world with its inhabitants the Arkies. In order to level up and build, kids must answer math questions. Users create their own unique world and explore different ages. Parents can cater math questions to needs of their child.

4. Math vs Zombies:This app calls for kids to use their math skills and solve problems in order to keep zombies at bay and to treat them. It utilizes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With 111 different levels, this game will last for hours.

5. Motion Math: This app has six different games, but does require a paid subscription if you want access. The plus side is that its proven and is in use in many classrooms with a common core curriculum. Couple with it that you’re getting six amazingly fun math games at a very low cost and you can’t go wrong. Parents can customize learning and receive reports based on their child’s learning. Subscription can be canceled whenever you no longer need it.

6. Splash Math: This app also requires a subscription. Splash Math utilizes a very visual play style and has a comprehensive learning style with a common core curriculum. It allows for three different kids to have their own learning experience and is self-paced. There are parental options for customization as well as reporting for this app as well. Subscription can be canceled whenever you no longer need it.

7. Pizza Fractions: In chef’s pizzeria kids master concepts of simple fractions and what each is called using pizza pictures as the examples. Designed for grade levels 2 through 5, Pizza Fractions provides introductory learning and practice with fractions in an fun game environment.

8. ZapZap Math: This app takes kids in Kindergarten to Grade 6 on a math adventure. With over 180 games, users travel to different planets and complete a variety of challenges which lead them to learn math concepts, all while having fun.

Some of these are available through Google Play store and Amazon as well. Please note that every child is different and requires different tools to help them learn. My children learn math very differently from myself and each other and we like to have options for variety. I suggest utilizing the free games and apps before moving on to higher level paid apps. Some of the paid apps do have free trials as well. The best thing for everyone is to try them and see what works best for you and your family.

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