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7 Free Summer Activities For Teens

School is out and if your budget it tight like ours, then it is time to find those awesome free summer activities for teens.  Classic summer activities as well as fun new things for you to focus on this summer will keep your kids occupied without costing you an arm and a leg.

7 Free Summer Activities For Teens

Swimming. Community pools, lakes, rivers, creeks and the ocean are all great places for your teens to head out and go swimming.  Typically this is a great free and fun activity for teens.  It is also a perfect way to get your kids involved with their friends for a fun afternoon together.

Library. Teens may not like the idea of going to the library, but if they check out local library schedules for the summer they will find a lot of public libraries offer free movie screenings, video game competitions and even book signings from popular authors.

Gardening. Your kids can easily start their own garden this summer for a fun activity that will help them to learn more, and be responsible for something great.  A wonderful bonus of gardening is the fact that they might be able to take their produce to a local farmers market to sell it and make a bit of money.

Summer Camp Counselor. There are tons of great summer camps out there that your teens can go to and become a counselor.  This is a little extra money for them, but tons of fun and a great way to stay busy and make new friends.

Make YouTube videos. This is so much fun for all ages.  Whether it is makeup tutorials, goofy stunts or just documentaries of their days, Youtube videos are a great way to spend time this summer.  Teens can create videos to share with their friends and family that share their musical talent, artistic talent or comedic timing.  In fact, Youtube is one of the best free summer activities for teens.

Host a backyard movie night. Invite all of the neighborhood teens over and setup the projector to have a fun backyard movie night.  Pop popcorn, pull out the blankets, lawn chairs and enjoy a fun evening with your friends.  You can even invite the whole neighborhood over for a super fun block party type event.

Learn how to cook.  Most teens enjoy making fun stuff in the kitchen, but this summer take it to the next level with cookbooks, Youtube videos, blog posts or simply watching the Food Network is a great beginning toward learning how to cook.  From basic knife skills and food handling safety, to creating complex dishes learning to cook is a fun and free activity for teens to do alone or together this summer.

When your teens get out of school for the summer, some of them will be getting fun summer jobs, others will be looking for something to do to stay busy.  These free summer activities for teens are perfect for keeping your family occupied safely and with limited or no budget all summer long.

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