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Easily Save Almost $1400 This Year – 52 Week Savings Challenge


How many New Year’s have you told yourself that this was the year you were going to save more money? I do every single year but it never happens. However, if you were to put a few dollars away each week, for the entire year, you would have $1378 by the end of the year! That would be an amazing start to a new year right?

Posted below are 2 printables (click on each one to download the PDF). The first one is a traditional 52 Week Savings Challenge, where you put $1 in savings for the 1st week, $2 in savings for the 2nd week, $3 in savings for the 3rd week and so on.

The second printable is a Reverse 52 Week Savings Challenge, taking into account that we’re usually spending all of our money on Christmas gifts at the beginning of December so maybe putting $50/a week  into savings isn’t the best solution for you. This printable does it in reverse, having you put $52 in savings for the 1st week of January, $51 in the 2nd week & so on!

Think of how much fun you could have spending $1378 at the end of this year? Family vacation, home improvements, new wardrobe? What would you spend $1378 on?52 Week Savings Challenge52 Week Savings Challenge

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