5 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School Shopping

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It’s Back to School Shopping time and that means shopping, planning and organizing. For us parents, it usually means a lot of stress too, as we see the dollars flying out of our wallets faster than new dollars come in. But, there are some tips to help make the Back to School time a little easier for us.

1. Shop Online – Shopping online lets you see every sale & coupon that you could possibly use for one store. Plus, you’re not getting blisters on your feet from running from store to store. It also helps with those impulse buys you see as you’re walking through the store (thus, saving you more money!) Sears is having a Friends and Family Sale online (August 9th, starting at 6pm CST and running until Tuesday, August 12th at 9am CST). What better way to get quality clothes that your whole family will love than with a great store like Sears? Oh, and another GREAT thing about Sears? You can use the free store pick-up when you buy your things and head on over to your local Sears to pick it up (they’ll even bring your purchases directly to your car if you use the Shop Your Way app!) Save money AND save on shipping!

5 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School Shopping #BacktoYou

2. Shop the Sales – If shopping online isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean you have to mis sout on the great savings! Checking out the ads in the Sunday paper will show you where those great sales are and keep you from going to a store that doesn’t really have what you’re looking for (or at a price you don’t want to spend!) If you’re someone that likes going into a store to shop, you can still take advantage of the Sears Friends and Family Sale! Find all the great deals, in store at Sears tomorrow, August 10th from 6-9pm.

5 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School Shopping #BacktoYou

3. Shop Clearance – Now I know this won’t work for every part of the country but I do a lot of shopping in the clearance section. When the summer season is ending and the stores are putting out the winter clothes (winter clothes here in San Diego pretty much just means sweaters), I know that I can get summer clothes for up to 50% off (or sometimes more) that my kids can still wear for months to come. Let’s face it, in San Diego you can wear shorts pretty much year around. Another tip is to figure out what size your child will probably be next year (whether you’re buying sweaters for the next winter or shorts for the next summer) and then you’ll have clothes for that time. I know it’s sometimes hard to figure out with growth spurts in kids but I’ve found that this usually works pretty well and we save a lot of money on clothes.

4. Reuse what you can – When shopping for Back to School, don’t forget that not everything has to be brand new! If your child has a handful of great shirts that they can still wear, buy just a couple more and focus more on pants, shorts and shoes. If your child’s backpack from last year still looks great, no need to buy a new one! That’ll save a chunk of change right there!

5 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School Shopping #BacktoYou

5. Check out the Styles – If your child is wondering about what the styles are, you can find out what they are before you go shopping. You can check out the Seventeen Fashion Collection at Sears. While it’s great for everyone to have their own style, it’s also fun to see what’s new and fun for Back to School. Now that my daughter is a tween, she likes looking at fashion but I’m not about to spend the high prices that some of those outfits have! That’s why I love that The Seventeen Fashion Collection has the styles my daughter likes and everything is under $50! Check it out at OR

5 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School Shopping #BacktoYou

Now you’re ready to head out to shop (or shop online!) and get ready for Back to School time! Sears has also created some fun videos that you and your kids will love to watch, check out the “Back to School, Back to Wha?!” videos here: You can also check out Sears unique social community at Shop Your Way that allows you to research and browse products, create wish lists, poll your friends and family & get advice from experts.

What’s your #1 tip for saving money & time for Back to School shopping?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Sears.

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