5 Fun Ways to have Family Night with Teens

When kids are younger, its easy to have a family night and make it fun for them. But, as they get older and become teens, it’s harder to come up with ideas for a fun family night. The same things that were fun when they were younger, might not be fun for them when they get older. However, you can always tweak your plans a bit to make it fun for your teens. Here are five Fun Family Night Ideas with Teens.

  1. Video Game Night– Back when I was younger, playing board games was a great thing to do as a family. Obviously, it’s still a really fun thing to do but you can take those board games and make it geared towards your teens (although kids of ALL ages will have fun!) Now with The Hasbro Game Channel, you can take your favorite board games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and Risk and play them on your favorite console. Not only is it fun for parents because it’s a classic game they love, it’s fun for teens and kids because they get to play the 3D version on the TV. Plus, what teen doesn’t want to challenge their parents to a battle of wits?
  2. Craft Night – Crafts with kids is always a fun activity. Most teens I know still like doing crafts and showing off their creative sides. Together, you can make DIY String Art, Duct Tape Flowers, some fun Minecraft sewing crafts or Mason Jar Superhero Banks. Plus, if you have kids that are spread out in age like I do (16, 12 & 6), the older kids can help the younger kids with their crafts.
  3. International Cooking Night – Choose a country and have everyone do a little research on what the local food is like and decide on what foods you will make for your special night. You can also have each person choose a country that is interesting to them and make one item that is local to that country. While everything might not all go together, it will be fun to try all the new foods and see what each person chose to make.
  4. Dessert Bar Night – Choose a dessert theme and let everyone choose their own toppings. How about a sundae bar or a banana split bar? See what crazy combinations of flavors you can come up with.
  5. Movie Night – Let your teens choose the movies & snacks and sit back and have fun!
Trivial Pursuit Live logo_11_1407276314

The Hasbro Game Channel lets you take your favorite board games (Risk, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit) and puts a brand new twist on the way you play them. My family and I love playing trivia games so Trivial Pursuit is a great fit for us! Now our favorite board game is available at The Hasbro Game Channel that takes the classic game and turns it into a TV game show setting, with new question formats, customizable game lengths and a variety of game rounds to keep the fun going!

Trivial Pursuit_Image_9_1424176622

Trivial Pursuit_Image_2_XBO_1424176618

Check out all the fun games that The Hasbro Game Channel. Which one would you most like to play with your family?

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