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4 Simple Things You Can Do To Save Energy

Making small changes in our daily lives, can help reduce the energy we use around the house in big ways. A lot of times, we think we have to make these huge changes to make a difference but really, all the little, simple things that we do really do add up. Check out these 4 things you can do to save energy and make a difference.

4 Simple Things You Can Do To Save Energy

  1. Wash Laundry in Cold Water – Except for our towels & bedding, I wash our laundry in cold water. 90% of the energy that is used for washing clothes goes to heating the water. When you use cold water, you’re not only saving energy but you’re also preventing your clothes from shrinking and fading.
  2. Unplug Electronics When You’re Not Using Them – I’ll be honest, we used to give my grandparents a hard time because they would unplug a lot of things when they weren’t in use. They said it was to conserve electricity but we didn’t believe them. Guess what? They were right! 23% of the electricity that is used to power our homes  is used while the products are turned off. If you were to unplug things like computers, printers, DVD players, gaming consoles and more when you weren’t using them, you’d save about $100 per year.
  3. Run Appliances at Off-Peak Hours – Wash laundry & do the dishes during off-peak hours. We try to run the dishwasher late at night because we know that it will save us electricity and money, which is a definite plus!
  4. Upgrade Those Light Bulbs – Changing out your old light bulbs to LED lightbulbs will use 75% less energy (or more) and last 25 times longer! If all of us Californians, changed our light bulbs to LED light bulbs, we’d not only save money (an average household savings of $70 a year) but we’d reduce CO2 emissions that are equivalent to those produced by a coal-fired power plant in one year! That’s a lot!

4 Simple Things You Can Do To Save Energy

Show us how you’re making a difference:
• Blow up a light/bright colored balloon
• Use a marker to write what your thing to save energy is on the balloon
• Rub the balloon on their hair to get static electricity going
• Take a goofy selfie with static hair sticking up + balloon. If you don’t have hair try you clothes or facial hair. Get creative!
• Add a post caption that says a little more about what your thing is to save energy followed by #LetsGetCharged
• Tag a friend and challenge them with #DoYourThing

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