4 Fun Things to Do with Your Family this Fall

Can you believe that fall is literally only a month or so away. Maybe, my math could easily be off. The summer around here has been incredibly mild, so I don’t find myself hoping for fall to get here as quickly. I am, however, planning several different activities for this fall. Let’s face it, there are certain things your family can only do during the fall months.


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#1. Hayrides

My kids are finally old enough that we can do a hayride without anyone falling out. I can’t wait to take my kids to the pumpkin patch and take a hayride together. That is one of my favorite things about fall and I can’t wait to pass it down to my kids!

#2. Apples

I have recently discovered a love for apples and I can’t wait for fall to get here. I’m skimming Pinterest and I see so much stuff that can be made out of apples. I can tell you one thing, my family will be so sick of apples by the end of fall because I have several plans for those gorgeous green and red balls of yumminess.

#3. Leaves

One of my most favorite things to do as a child was to rake leaves and jump in them. Even today, if I see a huge pile of leaves in someone’s yard I will jump. There’s just something about seeing a pile of leaves that takes me back. I can’t wait to enjoy leaves as a family this fall.

#4. Chilliness

I know that enjoying the chilliness as a family sounds a little crazy, it’s so true! I love taking walks outside with the family and just enjoying the briskness of fall. Of course, we’ll grab our sweaters and maybe our scarves, but it will be a fun time.

I admit that fall is my favorite time of the year, but I’m not wishing away summer anytime soon.

Which season is your favorite?


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