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25 Boredom-Busting Busy Bags

It’s summertime and that means a lot of us are going to be taking trips to visit family or see different parts of the world (or both!). One of the challenges of doing this with kids is that they tend to get bored rather quickly, whether you’re driving in a car, RV or flying in a plane. I don’t know about you but when we’re doing road trips, I always try to think of different things that will keep the kids busy so that I don’t have to hear “Are we there yet?” or “How much longer?” a million times.
25 Boredom-Busting Busy Bags to Keep Mom Sane

That’s why I am in love with these Busy Bag tutorials! They’re fun to make and use while out on the road or even at home to cure those “I’m bored!” moments. Make several of these and introduce yours kids to them at different legs of your trip, so that when they’re done with one bag, they’ll be looking forward to moving on to the next bag & have a ton of fun!

1. Felt Caterpillar Busy Bag from Toddler Approved

2. Rainbow Lacing Busy Bag from Coffee Cups and Crayons

3. Paint Chip Puzzle Busy Bags from Parenting Chaos

4. Calming Busy Bag from Lemon Lime Adventures

5. Counting Caterpillar Busy Bag from Powerful Mothering

6. Days of the Week Busy Bag from B-Inspired Mama!

7. Rainbow Prism Busy Bag from Left Brain Craft Brain

8. Simple Scooping Busy Bag from The Chaos and the Clutter

9. Brown Bear Lacing Busy Bag from Preschool Inspirations

10. Quiet Blocks Busy Bag (Sponges) from Childhood 101

11. Duplo Blocks Counting & Tower Matching Busy Bag from All Our Days

12. Rainbow Color Sorting Busy Bag from Sugar Aunts

13. Color Match Busy Bag from Glued to My Crafts

14. Pizza Factory Busy Bag from Second Story Window

15. Pool Noodle Stringing Busy Bag from Money Saving Mom

16. Butterfly Busy Bag for Preschoolers from Artsy Momma

17. Rainbow Pom Pom Busy Bag from The Pleasantest Thing

18. Pom Pom Color Drop from The Pleasantest Thing

19. Dyed Pasta Busy Bag from More Like Home

20. Junk Match Busy Bag from All Our Days

21. Ladybug Counting Busy Bag from Preschool Inspirations

22. Wedding Busy Bag for Kids from One Artsy Mama

23. Shoe Tying Busy Bag from Coffee Cups and Crayons

24. Shapes, Counting and Colors Busy Bag from Powerful Mothering

25. Counting Sticks Busy Bags from B-Inspired Mama!

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