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21 Reasons To Homeschool Your Child

21 Reasons To Homeschool Your Child - Education can be a tricky subject to navigate, but these reasons to homeschool your child are a great example of the many benefits there are to homeschooling.

Education can be a tricky subject to navigate, but these reasons to homeschool your child are a great example of the many benefits there are to homeschooling. While homeschooling is obviously a very personal choice and not for everyone, it is also a great choice for many. The following reasons to homeschool your child are worth considering should the subject be something your family seriously considers in the future.


21 Reasons To Homeschool Your Child

  1. Quality education. You can control the curriculum your child is using, making sure they have the most up to date quality information and education available.

  2. Easy to work with learning disabilities. For children who have ADD, ADHD, Autism or even Dyslexia, homeschooling can easily focus on the best method for them to learn without them having to do the exact same thing as everyone else in a classroom.

  3. Avoid bullying issues. If your child is continually being bullied and the school district is not doing anything to help you, this is a great way to avoid the residual issues caused by bullying in childhood. Especially if that bullying is in regards to learning issues, disabilities or appearances.

  4. Religious preferences can be included or excluded with ease. If you want religion to be a part of your kid’s education, this allows you to do so with ease. If you want to teach your children about all faiths and religions with objectivity this is easy with homeschooling. If you want to remove all religious education, you may do so as well.

  5. Personalized learning. Forming a plan to educate your child in accordance with their own learning styles is a huge reason to homeschool your child. If you have a visual learner or a child who needs to move around a lot, it can be useful within a homeschool classroom and easy to adapt.

  6. Higher standards set. You can raise the bar on your kid’s education standards. When you are working with them daily, you can go back over problem areas until they truly get it and can raise their grade but mostly their understanding of the subject.

  7. Flexible learning style. Similar to personalized learning, you can create a classroom and lesson plan that works with how your child learns best.

  8. Ability to encourage them in subjects they enjoy. If your kids excel or have an interest in specific areas, you can take the time to look deeper and do more research and projects around those subjects than they would get in a traditional classroom.

  9. Freedom to travel. Hitting the road for a vacation during off season is easy when you can work your school schedule around it without penalties.

  10. Physical health benefits. Not only are children with compromised immune systems safer at home, those who have chronic illness can still do school work on days they might not have been able to go to a traditional classroom (this was why we started homeschooling in the first place. My oldest son had asthma that kept him out of public school for a week or two each time he got sick).

  11. Flexible schedule. There is no set time of day or day of the week you have to do work.

  12. Education on their level, not a state mandated standard. If your younger child excels and wants to go to the next grade level you can do so. If you have a child who is learning slower, you can review and work until they “get it”. (This varies by state so manke sure you now the laws in the state you’re homeschooling in)

  13. No homework. You work until they are done. No extra assignments unless they ask to do more.

  14. Time for pursuing other interests is encouraged. You will have flexibility and freedom to do things like music, dance, sports or creative writing.

  15. Socialization with those of like interests. Instead of being surrounded by classmates they may or may not have things in common with – you can seek out individuals with similar interests to spend time with.

  16. Better sleep. A flexible schedule means more consistent regular sleep. We also love not having to start so early in the morning!

  17. Saves money. If you are looking at private school tuition or gas costs to commute to a better district, homeschooling is far more cost effective. There is also the lack of uniform fees, PTA fees and similar.

  18. Avoids disciplinary problems. Sometimes a large classroom creates disciplinary issues in a child with a learning disability, ADD or other issues. Homeschooling eliminates the need for discipline for those things.

  19. Education and play go hand in hand. You can make play time each day all about education. The world is the classroom, and you can use everything from puzzles to video games to talk about things within your unit studies or specific subjects.

  20. Education based on increasing knowledge not a number on a test. You can focus more on your children truly understanding concepts.

  21. Can teach subjects not available in traditional school. Things like household budgeting, financial responsibility, logic and reasoning, real government procedures, how to build apps, coding and programming are all options not always offered in traditional schools.

No matter if you homeschool, your kids go to school or a mixture of both, finding what works for YOUR family is the most important thing you can do.

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