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10 Perfect Party Favor Ideas

Every great party includes a party favor for guests! A party favor lets your guests know that you appreciate them celebrating with you plus it provides a small token to remind them of the fun they had at your party. Jen Carver, of Spaceships and Laser Beams, is sharing some perfect party favor ideas. We are sure you will love the ideas shared and you’ll feel inspired to create your own favor to send home with your party guests.

10 Perfect Party Favor Ideas

Idea #1:  A baked item. Who doesn’t love a take-home dessert such as a piece of cake, cupcake, a slice of pie or a cookie? Display favor sacks or dessert packaging and make it cute with a free printable tag so that guests can easily take home their baked item.

Idea #2:  Candy. Create a candy takeout station with several wrapped and/or unwrapped candy favorites. Candy can be displayed in a variety of glass or plastic vessels such as vases, apothecary jars, and bowls. Include spoons or candy scoops for any displays with unwrapped candy. Have clear favor bags and twist ties or twine on hand for guests to tie up their candy loot. Some favorite candy items include: chocolate or malt balls, sour gummy candy, gummy bears, Sixlets, Skittles, licorice, mini chocolate bars, Pixie Sticks, suckers/lollipops and hard candies.

Idea #3:  Lotion/Candle/Bath Salts. Depending on the age of your guests, spa items like lotion, candles and bath salts can make great favors. Send your guests home with a little pampering

Idea #4: Homemade recipe (jam/jelly). If you have a favorite family recipe, whip it up for your guests. Homemade jam or jelly, jars of honey butter or another idea of your choosing makes a great gift! Package it in a cute Mason jar topped off with fabric and a ribbon.

Idea #5: Outdoor enjoyment—bubbles, seed packets, flowers to plant, squirt gun. If your guests love the outdoors, why not send them home with something to enjoy outside?  Little ones will enjoy gifts of bubbles, a squirt gun or outside toy. Older children and adults might love planting a seed packet.

Idea #6:  Writing/drawing items—coloring book, journal or notebook, crayons, watercolor set. For those who love to create, draw or write, sending home a favor centered on those activities will be much appreciated.

Idea #7:  Card games. How about a deck of cards for playing Solitaire or a round of Go Fish? Often sold in bulk or found at dollar stores, cards can make a great gift!

Idea #8:  CD mix with themed party songs. Customize a cd case or label with a personalized party label and put together a mixed playlist of your favorite party songs. Guests will think of you and your party every time the cd is played.

Idea #9:  Craft Kit. Put together or purchase preassembled craft kits which coordinate with your party theme. There are so many possibilities from racecar model building kits to jewelry decorating kits to art kits.

Idea #10:  Clothing or accessory item. Planning a superhero party? Why not send home a cape or mask as a party favor. Princess party time? How about gifting guests with crowns? Whatever the theme, there is a clothing or accessory item that can make a perfect party favor.

Party favors can be a lot of fun to give and they’re especially exciting to receive! Whatever you choose, make it something guests will love and they’ll fondly remember your celebration for a long time to come.

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