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10 Budget Friendly Summer Activities

Summer is a time of fun, family activities and lazy days. Sometimes it’s hard to think of new things to do with your kids or the things that sound fun, sometimes cost a lot of money! Here are 10 Budget Friendly Summer Activities for you to enjoy with your family this Summer!

Budget Friendly Summer Activities

1. Bike or hike State or County Parks. A day pass is inexpensive or consider the value of a year long pass, which offers a multitude of options throughout the year.

2. Fish at area lakes and/or waterways is a delightful way to relax and enjoy family time. Dig up worms together in the yard, tie string to sticks, and the cost is negligable, or outfit each family member with a fishing rod and reel at a resale or consignment store.

3. Swimming at local Y or high school pool is a great summer choice. Kids love water, and memberships or one time passes are inexpensive.

4. Picnic at an historical site. Perhaps the kids want to see an historic village or pack lunch and visit a local road side monument and teach the kids about local history. Since these monuments are usually free, put the budget towards some special food for lunch by letting a local sandwich shop pack the meal for the family.

5. Miniature golf is a lot of fun in warmer weather, and it needn’t be expensive. Locations that cater to tourist will cost more than smaller spots that locals frequent. Oddly enough, miniature golf and local ice cream parlors seem to go together.

6. Kids Bowl Free all summer at many bowling centers across the United States. There is usually a cost for renting bowling shoes or snacks, but the cost is minimal making bowling a budget friendly activity.

7. Movie specials are offered at most major cinemas as well as small local ones. These can include specific pricing on new releases or lower matinee prices on certain days. Get on their email lists to learn when these specials will run.

8. Concerts in the park, which means a playground for the kids with Mozart or Duke Ellington in the background as the kids swing and slide and Mom and Dad relax and enjoy.

9. Community Festivals and/or Parades offer wonderful opportunities to learn community history, see new artisans’, or try new activities. Check with local Chambers of Commerce or town government to get a full list for the area.

10. 4H Fairs offer wholesome knowledge and opportunity to learn about farm animals as well as rides and typical fair cuisine like elephant ears and lemonade. 4H Fairs also accept entries from local children in the arts: drawing, sculpture, sewing, photography, etc. Working on a project to submit is a great way to spend a few summer afternoons.

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